What Is a Community Titled Property?

I have done some Googling but a lot of this goes over my head. Can someone please explain to me what a community title property is? What does this mean when it comes to insurances? Strata fees, property repair etc.

Much appreciated :)


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    So how much googling?


    A community title scheme is created by the registration of a Community, Neighbourhood or Precinct plan and (much like a strata scheme) is managed by a body corporate consisting of all lot owners known as the Community Association. All common areas (including all roads, promenades and parklands) are referred to as Association property. Unit entitlement is based on site values which determines unit owners’ voting rights and contributions to maintenance and insurance levies.

    Maintenance & Developments

    When it comes to maintenance, owners rights and decision making, strata and community titles are very similar. All owners are required to pay levies for maintenance depending on the size of their unit or lot and all owners have voting rights about any changes and developments in general meetings.


    One of the major differences between the two titles is insurance. Strata insurance is compulsory and covers building and public liability insurances, including all common property areas managed by the body corporate. The entire building structure is therefore covered by strata insurance and each unit owner is then only responsible for the contents insurance of their own unit.

    In community titles however, there is no obligation on the owners to maintain and insure other lot owners’ buildings. Instead, the owner of each individual lot is responsible for the insurance of any building on that lot. The community corporation is then only responsible for insuring any common areas or buildings such as driveways and service infrastructure.


    It's pretty much house with strata fees. I have seen some properties to pay as high as 1k per quarter on community levies. Mainly due to the fact the street is a private street and not a council road. Therefore the house/property owners have to pay levy to maintain the private road as well as garbage collection service. It's quite common for project homes these days in North West Sydney and South West Sydney areas where many house and land packages are on the market.


    Thanks for the replies so far.

    The property in question is a semi detached house (shares a common wall). Nothing else is shared i dont think, there are separate driveways etc


      Community title means mostly outer part of building you need follow rules and regulations you can not make changes without neighbour and strata permission( even change colour) also they are responsible to look after common area such as driveway, common parking lawn at common area.

      Sometime only 2 house on 1 land and no strata and owner pays own insurance but still you need let neighbour know if you want change something


      There might have been some civil works required to build the development that the "community" is responsible for maintaining, say a drainage system or something. That's my best guess.


    Just don't. The worse real estate decision I made in my life was to buy a townhouse in a group of four on community title.
    The only common property was the driveway and fence. You wouldn't believe the angst it caused me with the other three owners who blatantly breached the by-laws with regard to parking, pets, maintenance and nuisance.
    The external body corporate manager was powerless to act against them.
    The annual general meetings were a nightmare and would run overtime due to the squabbling.