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Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD $80 ($63 after Samsung Cashback) Delivered/C&C/in-Store @ Centre Com


For those that missed or don’t have Ebay Plus, this deal isn’t too bad.

Receive up to $246 Cashback on Selected Samsung EVO, PRO, EVO Plus & QVO SSD's from Selected Aust. Retailers @ Samsung https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/606103

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  • If I use a 1 TB portable SSD USB-C Gen 2 (1050 MBps) on a Gen 2 port, should I be getting better performance than this Sata SSD?

    • Only if you use a NVMe SSD with that enclosure. It's hard to find USB 3.1 gen 2 enclosure for SATA3.

      That said, it is all relative. If you were to use a QLC based NVMe SSD with USB 3.1 gen 2 enclosure and port, there could still be certain situations where TLC / SATA3 beats the QLC/NVMe.

      • I mean if I use this portable SSD, I am getting 1050MBps on a Gen 2 port - making this portable SSD faster than the fixed SATA SSD from this deal right? - https://ibb.co/MZh3jTL

        • That one, you definitely get better performance.

          • @netsurfer: Thank you, I am saving some cash on the internal storage so might just end up installing the OS on this portable SSD lol

            • @binary1001: I would go for NVMe SSD for internal storage though. Normally, your PC should have the fastest storage internally. USB 3.1 gen 2, while exceeds SATA3 bandwidth, is not able to reach anything close to NVMe PCIe 2.0 x4, and we already have on PCIe 4.0 x4.

              Even at PCIe 2.0 x4 / NVMe, internal NVMe SSD is still better. 860 EVO is priced quite high so with just a bit more $$$, you can easily find a quality NVMe m.2 SSD.

  • I bought a 2tb from Shopping Express recently cause it was a good price. I regret this like nothing else. No cashback from SE. The absolute worst.

    I felt like burning my ozbargain license (but I would never do that, it could be worth something someday).

  • Anyone receive the cashback yet? Submitted a claim on the 25th of February and so far no update on the claim.

    • Samsung will take close to, if not the maximum time allowed (as per T&C), to provide the cashback. It's been like that for their past promotions, I doubt this will be any different. So you are looking at late April.

    • I did one from the year before, they do takes several months to do it, but if you do it right, it will get done.

      Cashbacks normally done in batches or at a certain date for financial reasons.

  • Can I use that as external hard disk?

  • Budget pc has this for $79 so not a bargain.

  • I forgot to take a photo of the label of the serial number on the SSD, are they going to honour the cashback without that? or do I need to re-open my iMac :(

    • Previous time they've accepted a photo of serial # on the box label

    • ha ha ha. that will be a fun job

      • I don't think I will re-open it, it won't worth it for $25. It took me an hour to open it in the first place without cracking the screen. Oh well, if they accepted my claim that's a bonus.

    • Unfortunately I think the photo is mandatory as proof of purchase. Plus the serial number on the SSD has an extra character at the end that you’ll need for your claim that is not displayed on the box.

      • I have that, I can check the serial number of the ssd from the system setting. I never thought they need a photo of the lable. Thinking photo of the serial number in the box is enough.

    • update:
      they just approved my claim

      Thank you for your email.
      Your claim has been validated as of the 30/03/2021
      As per T’s and C’s please allow 60 days from the date of validation for payment to be processed.
      We appreciate your patience with this matter.

      They asked me to send a screenshot of the serial number from the settings in my iMac, so didn't need to reopen it.

  • For those who are not sure how to make the claim, create a samsung redemption account


    Follow the steps, they will ask for a photo of the serial number and the receipt as well. Take a photo of the serial number on the SSD (Not box as there is an additional character on the SSD)

    • A warning though, it's not a perfect system. My claim couldn't be submitted due to "invalid serial number".

      I double and triple checked the serial was exactly correct, as copied from the actual device. But their claim form refused to accept it.

  • Hey guys, just bought a 2nd hand HP G250 G6 that came with a 500gb hard drive. First upgrade is definately to SSD will this one suit?

    • This will work. Check out YouTube for videos. It’s pretty straight forward. Just double check if 500GB is adequate for your needs.

  • A warning to others, I couldn't even submit claim due to "invalid serial". I entered the correct serial that was printed on the SSD, so whatever went wrong is on Samsung's end with their faulty cashback system.

    I'm attempting to contact them about it, but honestly it's a painful waste of time. Would be good if their cashback system actually worked, they've been doing them for awhile now but still can't manage to validate their own serial numbers.

    • Did you attach a picture of serial numbers of both the box and the SSD?

      • The 15 digit serial on the device is what matters. The serial on box isn't required, they don't ask for that.

        • Did you attach a picture or not ?

          • @Ziggy28: The claim form does not let me progress past the first page where the serial is entered, says "invalid serial". I don't know why you're talking about attaching stuff they don't ask for. The box serial is the same as SSD serial minus last character, which is irrelevant when I can't submit the claim form.

            • @cerealJay: Yea if you enter an invalid serial number i guess they won't allow you to proceed to the next steps where you attach proof of purchase and a picture of the serial number on the SSD.

              • @Ziggy28:

                "if you enter an invalid serial number "

                sigh. I entered the exact serial number that is written on the SSD.

                The Samsung Cashback system does not work 100%, that's the point of my comments. This is a problem on Samsung's end affecting some people. No need to reply with unhelpful nonsense.

      • Update: Samsung sent me this email. Looks like they've fixed whatever broke…

        "Dear customer, Thank you for your patience. Your serial number issue has been resolved. You can now submit your claim: https://samsung-redemption.com/au/login"