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[PC] Steam - Arizona Sunshine $19.36 (Oculus Ed. $19.19)/LiS: Before The Storm $3.58/killer7 $9.58 - GreenManGaming


Great prices for these games.
With Arizona Sunshine you can choose between the Steam version and Oculus version - the Oculus version is 17 cents more expensive.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm: https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/life-is-strange-before-...

killer7: https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/killer7-pc


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    Thanks Op. The oculus version means it can be downloaded to the device directly?

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      I haven't purchased an Oculus game from GMG before but it states this:

      Please note: This is an Oculus Home key. For Oculus key redemption, a free Oculus account is required.

      Which suggests this is the Rift only version. You could use it with Oculus Link on your Quest but not directly on the device.
      Doesn't seem like this is a cross buy title based on the Oculus store page.


        Oh..ok.. I really hate using the link. Oculus Home Key means can only do rift?

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          Yeah, I believe so.
          Using the Oculus Home software on PC.

          Had it been a title that supports both then the same key would give you access to both versions but based on the Oculus store page that doesn't appear to be the case.


    Nice, it's $15.49 for me. I assume since I'm a gold status on GMG.


      Yes, that is probably why.