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This might be a long shot, but I thought I might as well ask.

I recently purchased a Richter amiibo (the last one) from a JB HiFi, for RRP, only to learn later that Eb Games has a listed price for an identical item at a mere $4.95. Of course, no stock anywhere near me though, but it is listed on the website.

So would it be possible to ask JB to price match it after the fact? Maybe even return, and immediately rebuy? And has anyone done something like this successfully?

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    You can ask for anything, but whether or not you get the answer you'd like is the real question.

    Some retailers will, some won't, but it's very much in the realm of goodwill and less common than a change of mind refund policy.

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      Some will check stock, determine there is none, and send you on your way

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    Why not just go and try it?

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    Of course, no stock anywhere near me though

    They won't refund the difference knowing this fact. No harm in asking though. The worst thing that'll happen is you say no

  • My price matches i have done with JB was showing my phone with the web page up and asking if they would beat the price and in the end very least match it, and they have.. even once i said i could go to office works for the extra 5% and they gave me that as well.

    JB can also be good with returns.. then just repurchase with the price match. I haven't done that, but it could work.

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      and in the end very least match it

      Why not reward the business that offered the 'best' price upfront?

      I never really understand this. Once all these places that you use to price match go under from people not buying from them, then what? Pay RRP?

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        I don't understand people looking for pricematches after they purchase something.

        It was obviously an acceptable price when they brought it (otherwise they wouldn't have purchased it). Why not reward the store that had it when you needed it?

      • Depending on the business, i do reward the original business.

        In my instance it was the nest hub max error and JB is over the road, the other major store Good Guys?, not as convenient to get to, plus would not have been able to get there that morning while the price was still up.. the other was an item on sale, at Harvey Norman, not a small retailer, and with JB 2 minutes away over the road, not 20 minutes away by car, it makes sense.

        • And that's kind of the point too. If the price difference isn't worth driving 20 minutes to reward the original business, then it's probably not worth price matching.

          It's like buying online at a cheaper price, you get that price, but not the convenience of getting it now.

          I'm all for a deal, but a store that offers the best price up front should get the benefit.

      • Maybe you have vouchers for the store you want to pricematch at

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    problem is no stock as well, except in rural areas and most are under water now!

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    So would it be possible to ask JB to price match it after the fact? Maybe even return, and immediately rebuy? And has anyone done something like this successfully?

    Not a chance. You want to price match a 'out of stock' item.

    You also want to do a return for 'change of mind', which JB allows, but still.

    You then want to buy that item back at a discount?

    If I was doing your return, I would advise you that all 'returns' have to be sent back…. Which in most cases they are once they are 'open box'. So on your way.

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    Just claim it against your 28 degrees mastercard.

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    Buy another and tell yourself you only paid $12 each

    • Average down!!! Buy 4 and claim $8.96 each!

  • Dude it’s 5 bucks that is embarrassing even for ozbargain

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      It's $15, but still not worth the driving around and the shame placed upon your family. Also, as mentioned above, op was happy with the price at the time of purchase.

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