Surface Laptop Keyboard Damage outside of Warranty?

Heya folks.

Just wanted to get an opinion on this. I bought myself a Surface Laptop 2 for University back in 2019. It's warranty just ended 1 month ago and I've noticed that the felt on the keyboard is peeling back along the bottom and the sides.
My laptop has barely had any use as online learning has lead me to using my desktop to study at home, and for a "higher quality laptop" I feel like this really shouldn't be happening, especially when its only really had a year of use. Would these damages be covered under the minor damages section of the ACCC?
I read on the US Microsoft help forum that they consider this cosmetic damage and not covered under warranty, but I know Australia has better consumer protection.
The only way to raise a request with Microsoft now seems to be having to pay for an out of warranty service.


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    Good luck with Microsoft, you pay for Apple prices but you definitely don't get apple service. they seem to be worse in terms of following the Australia consumer law, I had an issue with my surface pro and they refused to repair it under ACL even though it was an display issue with a month out of warranty. I'd say if you purchase from a retailer, try your luck there. They seem to not budge for me when I was requesting repairs under ACL, I ended up getting it repair at Harvey Norman but I sold it after as I'm not going to support a company that doesn't follow ACL and asking for apple prices but doesn't provide service anything near. If you have time you maybe have a speak to your states consumer advocate.

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    The warranty doesn't cover wear and tear or misuse.

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      Australian Consumer law covers not fit for purpose which IMHO this is.
      The "felt" look always felt to me like a terrible idea anyway. It was never going to last.


        The keyboard were fit for purpose for 13 months. This claim is now in the hands of the VCAT.


          Every other keyboard in existence is fit for purpose for 10 years or more with due care. Even the cheapest, nastiest ones.


    Pretty sure this is wear and tear. Difficult to say whether it's merchantable quality but on the plus side, at least it's easy to buy another keyboard cover and swap for a fresh new feeling without having to replace the body.


      Unfortunately, the Surface Laptop does not have a detachable design. It's like a traditional laptop with alcantara keyboard deck.. I've always thought it was a weird design and questioned the longevity of it. I didn't buy one for uni for that very reason.


        Sorry my bad I misread your post… yeah if it's not even user replaceable, and you can demonstrate you used it "normally", you might be able to get an outcome.

        Where did you buy it from? Retailer might be a better first point of call before hitting up MS?


          Haha, I'm not the OP!

          But yeah OP is probably better off contacting the retailer. My personal experience with Microsoft hasn't been great either.


    I feel like this really shouldn't be happening
    Would these damages be covered under the minor damages section of the ACCC?

    “The law doesn’t care about your feelings. It cares about your rights – and only when you can actually prove it.“

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    Seems like you're making a fuss over $1 worth of super glue.

    Who's to say the conditions that it was stored in haven't contributed to the felt peeling off?