Question about food delivery

My recent orders delivered by Deliveroo / Menulog were extremely slow. I ordered at around 6 or 7pm, just local restaurants, and 1 hour later the system still couldn’t allocate a driver. This happened to at least 70% of my recent orders, they will finally take about 2 hours to arrive. And of course food was a bit cold when they arrived. But my orders on Ubereats were mostly fast delivered in any time (15-45 minutes). I reviewed every order on Ubereats, but not on Menulog / Deliveroo (there’s not even a review button on Deliveroo app). So is it possible that when I ordered via these two platforms, the driver saw I’ve never reviewed their service so it’s pointless to take my order?

Appreciate the answers from drivers. Thanks in advance.


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    Or that more drivers go for uber eats and there are fewer drivers in your area wanting to work for menulog/deliveroo?

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    Ozbargain users really need to learn about Occam's razor. It is much more likely that it is something as simple as ubereats has more drivers.

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      Ozbargain users really need to learn to cook…..

      • If I cook myself how will I redeem coupons?

  • This happened to at least 70% of my recent orders.

    Geez, how many orders are you doing..? You call yourself an Ozbargainer..

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    Has the weather been dreadful, discouraging drivers?
    Does Uber eats pay more to drivers in surge pricing?
    Those are my guesses. I don’t use any of them, they are a bad long term deal.

  • I've never had issues with Uber Eats, no matter what the time of day. Could be close to midnight or a 6pm rush, it always seems pretty fast to me.