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LEGO City Passenger Airplane $59 (Save $60), Technic Off Roader $149 (Save $180), Technic Volvo $149 (Save $150) + More @ Big W


Noticed Bigw have a few LEGO sets on sale for good prices. Delivery is $7.90 or Click and Collect available at selected stores.

If you are seeing full price, try the following:

  1. Go into incognito, access the product page
  2. Enter a NSW postcode - for example, 2000. You will see the discounted price.
  3. Go into cart, change the postcode back to your own.

Hope that helps.

LEGO City Passenger Airplane - 60262 - $59 (Save $60)

LEGO City Police Station - 60246 - $59 (Save $60)

LEGO City Ocean Exploration Base 60265 - $49 (Save $46)

LEGO Technic 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader 42099 - $149 (Save $180)

LEGO Technic 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler - 42114 - $149 (Save $150)

LEGO Technic Stunt Show Truck & Bike - 42106 - $39 (Save $40)

LEGO Technic Catamara - 42105 - $35 (Save $34)

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Monster Burger Truck 31104 - $39 (Save $30)

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Caravan Family Holiday - 31108 - $49 (Save $46)

LEGO Star Wars Knights of Ren Transport Ship - 75284 - $69 (Save $50)

LEGO Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Resistance I-TS Transport 75293 - $79 (Save $80)

LEGO Marvel Avengers Helicarrier 76153 - $99 (Save $100)

And more..

The full list link isn't working sadly - may need to try searching LEGO clearance. I've added most of them above tho

Assume these wont last long


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  • +2

    When I click on the sets the price goes to full price again?

    • you need to enter your postcode

      • I have my postcode entered and they still show up as full price?

        • +2

          theres a trick to get it working - see below comment

        • All these prices are in store on shelf… My local store had everything there when I dropped in earlier today.

  • LEGO City Passenger Airplane - 60262 $59 save "$60"

    • title fixed

      • Thank you.

    • +1

      I did and still getting full price

      I can’t see those sets your mention at a discounted price.

      Was it a error that has now been fixed?

      • I can still see it at the discounted price..

        • +1

          I can't even when I add to cart its still the full price :(

      • Make sure you set your postcode first.

  • +1

    Skido strikes again!

  • +2

    Passenger plane shows as $119

    • enter the postcode..

      • +2

        Have done - shows in cart as $119 for me

        • This is what I see - product page, cart page

          • @skido: Not in Adelaide obviously :(

          • @skido: I changed my postcode to the same as the one in your link Glenorchy and I still see the full price.

          • @skido: Got it with incognito and 2000 postcode

  • +6

    the lego airport set have been released for years. It must be a running joke to the lego team that they keep reducing the building parts count to the point its just a window.

    6597 - had road bases
    3182 - minus road bases
    60104 - reduced the tower and main building into one
    60262 - looks like a shed

  • Good price for the Volvo Hauler!

    • yep.. their ebay store sold like 50 in one hour (now OOS) before it was even posted to ozb

    • Any idea if it can carry an adult cat around ?

      • +1

        It might struggle, maybe can if you use first gear. Definitely won't be able to tilt the tray to tip the cat out.

        • And the batteries will last about 5 minutes. I get about 15 minutes with 6 fully charged AAs without anything in the dumper.

      • +1

        Hahhha… funny you should ask. I have a video somewhere with it carrying our 4.5kg cat.

  • +2

    These are not showing as discounted in Adelaide

  • Great deal thanks.

    Also notice Ocean explorer base is half price too.

    • Hmm still showing as $95 in metro QLD after setting postcode.

      Edit: Use skido's 'incognito' trick below and it works in QLD.

  • amazon have u seen these prices???

    and the ebay ones too

    • Some have already been pricematched!

  • Not for me, but might want to add to the list:


    Half price, showing availability for me in VIC.

    • +1

      thnx, have added

  • There's a few more sets on clearance.

    BIGW Lego Clearance

  • +3

    Sadly looks like QLD (metro) is excluded.

    • +1

      Yer I’m on Gold Coast and I can’t see prices either but even when I change postcode to a Sydney store I still can’t see them….hahah oh well hey ;(

      • +2

        try go into incognito, set postcode to 2000 - Dawes Point.

        you will see the discounted price, then go into cart and change it back to your own.. try that

        • Yer didn’t work. Thanks for the advice tho

          Ok so I cleared cache and now it works!

        • Thanks Skido.
          Now working for me in Brisbane using this method.

    • Did you enter your postcode? Nah just kidding. Qld not working for me either.

  • Got the plane, thanks OP

  • Thanks op, ordered the airplane set.

  • Doesn’t seem to be available in NT either.

    • Although, they are on shelf at Casuarina the discounted price, fyi for those handful of NT peeps lurking.

  • No luck finding any of these specials for QLD either. Hope someone go a few bargains.

    • +1

      See comments below on incognito mode.

  • +1

    im in qld and I can see all the above prices.. but when I go into incognito and put in my postcode, shows full price (for some sets)

    what is going on…

    • I’m the opposite. Can’t see reduced prices. Incognito mode, set store to NSW, showed $59. Added to cart. Changed location to local store. Selected pick up. $59. I didn’t order so can’t confirm it works fully.

      Weird they’ve got it set up as a non Qld sale?

  • +3

    Thanks OP I got 2 Volvo trucks. Such a good buy at this price!

  • umm… i can't get it from adelaide

    • +3

      ok so I found a trick..

      go into incognito, set postcode to 2000 - Dawes Point.

      you will see the discounted price, then go into cart and change it back to your own..

      I just tested it on Adelaide and it worked

      • Haha that definitely works 😎

  • Got a few LEGO Ocean Exploration Base sets, will be good parts for a MOC.

    • Of a GIANT Lego Ocean Exploration Base?

      • +1

        Kind of, think end of world city under water survival base.

  • Looks like out of stock and no delivery option in VIC… :-(

    • I managed to buy a couple of sets! The police station and the Caravan creator set. In Melbourne!!!

  • +1

    All scanning in store at discount

  • Not for me with the Technik Off Roader 4x4 and Volvo 6x6

  • wow, going out of stock so quickly

  • The Volvo is actually a steal. It was already marked down I think the rep is 380 as are a few other kits. Sadly all the ones I want are not in stock around me.

    • it was $129 previously.

  • Technic Off Roader OOS…

  • +1

    Think we've Ozbargained it. Brought something with Skidos trick via incognito window. Now all item seem to have been blocked from switching delivery postcode in Cart window.

  • It worked using incognito mode, but instead of changing the home delivery postcode, you change the store pickup postcode, and all items seemed to be stock and checkout successful.

    • Thanks tried that. I can change details and find stock but can't get promo prices any longer.

      • It's finicky and showed full prices too, in Adelaide. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Full price was shown for me after I logged in at the checkout process, which caused the website location to switch to Adelaide. When it shows full price, just close incognito and restart the process until you the discounted price remains.

  • +1

    Cool everyone focus on Volvo while I take out Mario Castle at $69 :)

  • Just picked up


    All on Gold Coast

  • Thanks op

  • Some sets also available at their eBay store if you have eBay Plus you can save shipping cost

  • Worked as described. Thanks heaps - hauler and police station coming up! 👍

  • Got 42114 ready for pickup!

  • -1

    My order for Family Caravan has been cancelled. A typical attempt at a Lego purchase these days, I guess!

  • Sadly missed out on Volvo.
    Ended up scouting the catamaran on Amazon:
    LEGO Technic Catamaran 42105 Model Sailboat Building Kit https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B081F8KXHD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_f...

    Free delivery and $35 if you have prime.

    Also the Helicarrier is procematches
    LEGO Marvel Avengers Helicarrier 76153 Building Kit https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0813RXP5C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_f...

  • +2

    Thanks for this Skido! Couldn't locate the two Technic 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader and Technic 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler online by the time I saw your post but rang up my a local store and they had both in stock.

    • Thanks!

    • Thanks! I just rang my local store, they still have 42099!

  • Good find OP. Those lego star wars sets though are still overpriced even at half price though, ugly too.

  • I bought the Technic Catamara (42105) after watching this video

    • Okay but are you going to get all those parts and mod it? Looks cool. I'd do it if their was a kit available for… an appropriate price.

      • Yes, that was the intent
        This one has detailed instruction and part list :)

  • Placed an order but got cancelled :(

  • Basically all the sets that sold poorly/flopped.

    • Are you kidding BigW runs into huge liquidity problems all the time is the reason of this sale :)

      • What does that mean? As in the liquidity problems?

        • Just means - they got too many products on the shelf, and would prefer to have cash in the bank to pay bills. Hence - bargain sale time! You win. I win. Ozbargain win. BigW lights stay on.

          • @ajm07: Ah cool. Thanks for the explanation, and the reply.

  • +1

    fyi for anyone in the area still keen - the sets below were available in store at the Clearance prices as of an hour ago at BigW @ Burleigh Gold Coast.
    LEGO City Passenger Airplane - 60262(bigw.com.au) - $59 (Save $60)
    LEGO City Police Station - 60246(bigw.com.au) - $59 (Save $60)
    LEGO City Ocean Exploration Base 60265(bigw.com.au) - $49 (Save $46)
    LEGO Technic Stunt Show Truck & Bike - 42106(bigw.com.au) - $39 (Save $40)
    LEGO Technic Catamara - 42105(bigw.com.au) - $35 (Save $34)
    LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Monster Burger Truck 31104(bigw.com.au) - $39 (Save $30)
    LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Caravan Family Holiday - 31108(bigw.com.au) - $49 (Save $46)
    LEGO Star Wars Knights of Ren Transport Ship - 75284(bigw.com.au) - $69 (Save $50)

  • +1

    I recommend people that are interested in a particular set to not 100% believe the online stock meter on the Big W site and either call or go on in and have a look. A country NSW town had stock of 42099 and while on the phone to my mum yesterday to go get it for me it ‘sold out’. Asked her today to go and have a look anyway. 2 behind the counter with the lady very surprised at such a saving.
    Recommend giving a call at your local to see if there is any sets you are after floating about.

  • Thank you. Got the Airplane 60262 for $59 in SA store. Paid using 5% Discounted GC, 5% ShopBack cashback and today's $2 bonus cashback. Cashback tracked so effectively it costed around $51 after all discount and cashbacks.