Belong Internet - Need Aussie Contact for Complaints

Does anyone have contact details for someone in Australia for a complaint with Belong Internet? A friend had her NBN internet cut off 2 weeks ago by them (not authorised by her - payments all up to date etc etc) and she’s finding the overseas call centre absolutely useless! Appreciate any help.

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    Why did you come to the conclusion it was cut off instead of stopped working?

    • Because they told her it was cut off by request and charged her an early exit fee…

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    If they can't resolve it by their normal line of inquiry, the next step is a TIO complaint. Belong doesn't have an Australian based public facing point of contact by design.

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      Quicker if it was accidentally cut off is to change RSP's.

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    TIO their arse and sign up with someone that doesn't suck dogs balls

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      Leaptel and Aussie Broad Band are two good RSPs with local support that come to mind. There will be others out there if you look around.

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    Does anyone have contact details for someone in Australia for a complaint with Belong Internet?

    No. All the support staff I’ve talked to (and I’ve talked them a lot over the last few years…) are based overseas, and as far as I am aware, there is zero support staff in Australia.

    I find your friend’s situation a bit odd, because Belong disconnected my NBN internet connection a few months ago after I supposedly moved to a different ISP before the end of my contract (even though I never did that). I submitted a ticket on their website within an hour under “connection issue” and explained the situation. Someone from Belong called me later the same day and told me that they would reverse the disconnection and said it was likely to due to an error on their part. My connection was restored the next business day and the ETC was reversed.

    she’s finding the overseas call centre absolutely useless

    Yeah, Belong’s support system sucks. Cheaping out on an ISP is all well and good until you need support.

    My suggestion is to lodge a complaint with Belong directly. If the matter is not internally resolved satisfactorily (and knowing Belong, it won’t be), do what other posters have suggested and lodge a complaint with TIO. Belong should become far more responsive and compliant once the TIO get involved.

  • Thanks for everyone’s help here, really appreciate it!

  • It sounds like she was churned out by accident. If someone signs up a new service elsewhere and accidentally puts in the incorrect address the service would close on her end.
    Since it's been 2 weeks it will be too late to reverse this via NBN process and she will need to sign up as a new service again with them, or just go elsewhere to be reconnected.

    If they do check her service via NBN they would be able to see if it was transferred out to a different provider or not.
    If it was she should demand at the very least they refund the early exit fee as she did not choose to leave.

  • Yeah it’s all sorted now. She got the early exit fee refunded and after 3 weeks of no internet it was finally reconnected and they’ve given her a month credit (although I reckon she deserved much more as she was without internet for almost a month anyway!

    Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with NBN!

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