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[PC, PS4, XB1] Free - Swedish Chef DLC for all owners of Overcooked: All You Can Eat Edition - Steam/PS Store/MS Store


This DLC is free again for everybody who owns the All You Can Eat Edition of Overcooked.

PS4: https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP4064-PPSA01528...

XB1: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/overcooked-all-you-can-eat...

Note: If you have a Switch account in a region where the game Overcooked: All You Can Eat Edition is available and you own the game, the DLC is free for you then on Switch too!


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  • Borg

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      • Swedish Chef - evoked memories of Bjoern Borg for Sleuth apparently.

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    Wasn't the swedish chef recently deemed to be a racially insensitive stereotype and retroactively removed from the show or something ridiculous like that?

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      If that is true, that is stupid as the Swedish Chef looks nothing like the typical stereotype of a Swedish person.
      Political correctness gone totally wrong.

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        Has it ever gone right?

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      No. Some episodes of the Muppets were given content warnings by Disney for offensive content but none of that related to the Swedish chef and no content was removed.

      Only two episodes were pulled, one that was hosted by a Muppets staffer after the guest host pulled out (he turned out to be a pedophile, can see why they don't want to air that) and one they don't have the music rights for.

      • Imagine being so racist that you think muppets are a negative depiction of a certain race of people to the point you ban it to protect yourself from yourself.

        Meanwhile Disney gives thanks to the security forces responsible for containing the Uigur population, Le Bron James tells people not to speak up about Hong Kong because he makes a lot of money from CCP and Apple + Nike being told to push BLM and rainbow narratives as part of the agreement from the CCP as part of them getting slaves to make their products.

        What a clown world we live in full of fake woke corporatists.

        • Nothing was banned though. It’s a few seconds long notification, and it’s nothing to do with any of the muppets themselves.

          The only people who annoy me more than idiots pushing woke ideals are anti-woke people looking even dumber in their manufactured outrage. Do you watch the muppets? Has your watching of the muppets been harmed by a message on the screen? Would the situation in China be any better without that message?

          There are such massive issues in the world to get angry about, Disney trying to educate that racism isn’t ok shouldn’t be one for you.

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  • Ah yes the most cringe part of TGA last year

  • Don’t own the game and have never played any Overcooked! games LOL but redeemed anyway

    • Well, now you need to get the game and complete it.

  • Cheers OP, I had the full game plus all dlc

    Waiting for OC2 to go on sale for under $16.