Clipped My Side Mirror on a Parked Truck While Driving

Hey all,

The first time in a long time I have damaged my car, I clipped my side mirror and damaged it. It still works, but mirror is hanging loose and the shell cracked and flew off.

I'm guessing I need a whole new part! Any tips where to find? Is eBay and Gumtree my best bet? I found one new for $125, however I think the cheapest colour shell(Red) is from AliExpress for $20.

Ford Focus 2012-2015.

I checked the Truck and it didn't have a scratch, it was a medium size delivery truck. I'm lucky I didn't scrap the side of my car, and it was a close call! Its on a main road where they allow cars to park so basically 2 lanes turns into 1 and I had someone next to me who didn't let me in.

Anyways my fault, I should of just stopped and waited.

Just wanna fix it asap.

Thanks for any heads up to find parts!

Thank you


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    Call some local wreckers.

    Easy to replace yourself and here

    Ford Focus 2012-2015.

    Please tell me it's a manual box or a diesel. If not, how is the dreaded transmission going for you?

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      Thank you, much appreciated.

      It's woeful, I've always had like a riding gear sound. One of the blokes at Ford even noticed it and told me to mention it, yet they said they couldn't find anything.

      I then had the transmission module fail, they said it was the battery but they replaced the module free of charge! It still cost me RAA etc

      When you take off, it like rides the first and second gear like it's a slipping clutch.

      I'm waiting for this Ford Class Action and hoping something positive comes of it.

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        Chuck some Nulon G70 in there and see if it helps out in the interim

        Personally i've found it useful for cold starts , gears are easier to shift and also helps reduce the symptoms of worn synchro's. it should quiet down the gearbox also. have had it in all my cars and i swear by it.

        Alternatively you could try out Penrite , they recently came out with their own product not long ago. right here

        • I think the only concern is if they can see you've added it would void any warranty they're willing to fix.

          I'm not sure what will happen with the Ford Class Action, been waiting forever as I wanna sell the car and move on!

          • @Adelv: agree with you there , just wasn't sure warranty would of been current based on the age of the vehicle.

            but then again i am also aware of the lawsuit myself and can understand that ford need to cop it on the chin and do the right thing for those just shy of warranty too.

            i sold my MK3 Ford Focus RS LE because the power steering failed on me on a car that was less then 3 years old at the time with only 21,000km on the odo and Ford didn't want anything to do with it. first and last ever ford for myself , i wish the best of luck to anyone who chooses Ford. They make some nice cars (Ford XR6T) but i feel there are far too many issues that outweigh the positives of owning one.

            sorry about your circumstances , good luck mate. hope your next car doesn't give you as much grief.

            • @DisabledUser373341: No warranty left, tho they gave extended warranty on the drivetrain.

              I just don't want to give them any reason to suggest any issues were caused by anything other than their fault.

              In America, I noticed many got car replacements or Ford offered to buy the car at a certain value.

              I'm not sure, I mean either way I'm hoping I get something reasonable out of basically having to drive a car that's never performed as intended it's whole life.

              It's been a decent far, other than that but I think I'll stay away.

  • Is it an electronic mirror? Might need to check that the cabling hasn't been damaged too.

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      True, 'though…..

      It still works

      • Yeah, I clecked if the light flashes.

        I'm going to tape what I can and cover the cables incase any rain before I can find something this week.

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      mirror is hanging loose and the shell cracked and flew off.

      I'm guessing the plastic mount has snapped / cracked and the mirror is just dangling by the cabling.

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    I had someone next to me who didn't let me in.

    You should have stopped and waited.

    • I should of just stopped and waited

      Should of or should have? The difference is a new mirror?

      • It happens, sometimes a reminder. I'm glad it's not worse.

        Thankfully it looks like an easy fit too, finding the Red cover is probably more difficult than a light.

  • motherf**ker truck took out my side mirror, and because its electric and heated, was quoted $800 for repair…

    • Hahaha

      I can only imagine, a used one is looking to cost me around $110-140 depends if I can find locally.

  • $145 from QLD, as it's the Sport model apparently their heated. I can't even see the heat function? Must be automatic.

    I'll call local wreckers tomorrow.

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