Exped Megamat camp mattresses

These used to come up all the time on OzBargain alerts with good discounts at a pretty regular frequency. Mid last year I decided that next time a special pops up I'll grab one, but there haven't been any since! Is there a reason for this or just bad luck? Fewer specials due to Covid?


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    They never came up "all the time". Maybe once a year. The usual discounted price is $439 for the duo megamat, and it's totally worth it even at that price.

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    I was under the same impression and was waiting for $300 again. But I just bit the bullet, paid the $439 and haven't regretted it. Definitely have been getting more use out of it by owning it. Also, I found it for $400 as a regular price in Albury but they haven't had stock in ages and don't know when they'll be able to order it again. Exped apparently doesn't have a warehouse in Australia for it.

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    Highly highly recommend these. Got mine from Snowy’s. Best purchase ever.

  • I think we need to ask the rep for a deal, it’s been over a year since they posted the Megamat.

    Maybe set up a poll and see if we can get a group buy happening?

  • Im in the same boat. Im interested in the "Megamat 12 lite LXW"

  • Still waiting for the megamat 12 LXW to come up again. There doesnt seem to be much stock about though

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