Who Is Responsible for Cleaning of Water Leak

Hello awesome people.

The recent heavy rainfall has caused some water leaks in the walls. The leak is not damaging or anything but the water trails are all over the walls( the whole apartment, top to bottom) and very noticeable. I tried to google for some understanding but could not find anything and don't want to argue with property agents without any knowledge.

Should i just leave it be?, contact agent?, or clean myself. I wouldn't mind cleaning if was a small area. But its all the inner walls of the whole apartment so not looking forward to spend the whole day wiping the walls.

Looking for guidance.


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    If renting? Definitely landlord (who will probably get strata onto it)
    If owned? Probably strata/body corporate

    I am guessing you are renting due to using the word "agent".

    I would let them know by phone and then send an email as a follow up to confirm what was said.

    They should fix the leak and should provide a drying fan if they are smart (otherwise there will be mould or other issues in the future) but you'll probably have to wipe the walls later just as part of keeping the rental clean.

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      Agreed, apartments should never leak (unless you've left the windows open and the waters flooded in), and if they do it's the landlord's job to clean up.

      Although if its a couple of drips maybe photograph, clean them up and inform the landlord.

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    Take lots of photos of everything before you do anything.

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    Already imagining the mould…

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    contact agent?

    Yes, this. So that it doesn’t become a problem when they do inspections. You don’t want agent/landlord suspecting you caused it.

  • If you're in Qld, there is something on the website about it being the landlord's responsibility.