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Free 6 Month VPN Trial @ KeepSolid VPN Unlimited


Sign up for an account, then hit redeem and enter the above coupon code.

Provides a free 6 month trial to the VPN. No payment details required.

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  • Brilliant, thanks op

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    How much is the free 6 month trial normally?

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      There is a Lifetime for $39.99 listed on Stacksocial right now…

      Obviously, 6 months free trial is probably too good to be true, but I could say the same about 91% cash back from other VPN providers. So, let's say it's a good deal per se.

      • Lifetime for $39.99

        Works out to about 48 cents per year…

        Not bad….

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          I signed up for a "lifetime" subscription to PureVPN through StackSocial, in the small print it was to be renewed after 5 years, which they refused to do. So more likely $8 pa.

          They instead offered another "lifetime" subscription to KeepSolid, for another fee. Let's see how long that lasts.

          • @Goof: I have similar experience with PureVPN-StackSocial.
            I'm now using StrongVPN with Wireguard protocol - much better speed compared to OpenVPN protocol.

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          But with advances in modern science and my high level income, it's not crazy to think I can live to be 245, maybe 300.

  • Thanks mate

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    I have the lifetime subscription with these guys. Have to say the service is quite good. Never had an issue.

  • Thanks OP, just in time.

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    The code even works with an old account. I top up to my 3 months old account and now it extends to 9 months. The first subscription was also a 6 months free subs 3 months ago. Cheers!

  • Are there any good Mac options?

    • This works on a MAC for region shifting; but unsure of actual VPN on mac, probably a valid client there. If using a MAC and just want DNS region shifting, add your public ip to your account and change your mac dns settings.

      Using it for the xbox (US netflix etc).

  • Cheer's OP

  • Thanks OP

  • Do they keep log or handover data. Is this or paid windscribe better. I got windscribe 60gb lifttime. Not sure which one good. Some says any free vpn they will handover data. Or spy on browsing for ads

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    Worth noting that this VPN is based in New York, US which is one of the 5-eyes alliance countries.

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    I was expecting nothing from this. Have been searching for a fast and stable vpn connection for hotstar(India). And my search has ended (at least for the next 5 months and 30 days). The connection is fast and stable as I binge watched 3 episodes of Mandalorian working smoothly at 4k HDR.

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      Thanks for the hint mate. I gave up on Hotstar (India) because can't find good vpn that works properly for video streaming, just tried this one - it nailed it.

  • best freebie this week!

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    Stacks with previous Keepsolid VPN free trial. I have over 9 months

  • very slow connection compared to private internet access imho..

    Keepsolid: 1.25Mbps
    PIA: 15.28Mbps

    Both on optimal servers according to the VPN providers..

  • Thanks OP

  • does the code work for anyone now.. seems used/expired?

    • It worked yesterday

    • Doesn't work now.

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