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20% off All LEGO - from $4 to $599.20 + C&C/Delivery Fee (Free over $45) @ Target


20% off all LEGO at Target, across many different themes

Some good deals:

Covers pretty much all themes, some other good deals out there too. Get an extra $10 off when signing up for the Target newsletter

Delivery & handling fees:

  • Click & Collect: $3, or Free with $20 order
  • Delivery: $9, or Free with $45 order

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  • +2

    The Millennium Falcon 75257 at $199 is a good price too.

  • Blasted! Just bought the Bonsai at RRP 3 days ago!

    • Yeah the LEGO website was doing backorder at RRP yesterday, this deal is great

  • +1

    Beatles art is $79
    SW Droid is $143

    • Thanks, have added art deal to post

  • +1

    Ordered bonsai tree
    Waiting for out of stock email :P

  • +2

    Extra $10 off if you sign up to Target newsletter.

    • +2

      Thanks OP, have added to post

    • Hi, How exactly does this $10 discount work?

      I've signed up for the newsletter through my phone browser and through the target app and still no discount…

      • +1

        You should receive an email from Target containing a unique code. Apply that code during the checkout process. Maybe check your spam folder for the email?

        • Thanks!

  • thanks, i just purchased the batwing!

  • +1

    Amazon have price matched many and no chance of Targets notorious cancellations

  • Thanks. Grabbed the Iron Man art set for $103.

  • Thanks! Actually had my eye on the Bonsai for a while (damn Ozbargain lol) so finally jumped on it. Couldn't get the newsletter sign up to work though, the only page I could find doesn't seem to really be functional

    Edit: Nvrmind cancelled lol

    • your order was cancelled by Target?

      • Yeah it's common with this item.

        I had 4 orders cancelled from Target, BigW and Kmart twice. Finally landed it on my 5th order.

      • yep, OOS

        • Got confirmation email on bonsai 7.52am and haven't got the cancellation email yet.

          Will this be my 5th time lucky and hit the target 🤪

  • Bonsai gone.

  • Ordered the batwing. In 10 mins got cancelled. :/

  • Just paid rrp for the bonsai from target. Bugger

  • Batmobile sold out. Mates just got cancelled

  • Still waiting for the Ducati to dip back into the low $60s. It'll make a nice feature on top of my pc case. 👌

    Edit: jumping on the pc to see what this newsletter is about. That'd make the Ducati an all time low.

    • Bought the Ducati with the $10 signup, $61.xx.

      Cheers OP, looking forward to building this one. :)

  • 2 X Batwings in stock at Toombul.


  • Was on the website last night tons of the star wars was sold out before the sale even began. Do people buy at RRP or something? They haven't restocked the x-wings, tie fighters, AAT's and clone battle packs in ages :(

    • I haven't seen the AAT or 501st in stock at RRP anywhere since they released. Never even saw them on a store shelf. I think covid's impact on production make for a rocky launch last year but since then plenty of other sets have been steadily available, so why not these? Lego just doesn't seem interested in keeping them in supply.

      • I saw them about two times on shelve and bought them lol. I actually got hold of two 501st packs when there was a sale on at target. I couldn't believe i got them for $31 each! Not sure if its a Covid issue maybe a little but I think Lego underestimated its popularity even though people been asking for these sets for ages

  • Batwing was the only one i wanted :(

  • PM me if you want a batwing. I have got one on hold for me in target around parramatta area. But I managed getting one from Burwood target

    • Hi I am interested in the Batwing can pick up at Parramatta

  • Ordered batwing at 8am and is on the way from QlD

  • there are a few batwing sets at tuggerah store in nsw

  • Come on Amazon, price match and then free delivery to prime members can't be stuffed paying delivery

    • Target has free delivery as long as order is above $45 though.

  • Finally got a hogwarts castle.

  • +1

    Worth mentioning one of the best deals, that Lego droid commander is also 20% off, from it's clearance price. RRP is $360, reduced to $143. Currently in stock.

    • Legend…and bought!

      • No problems, hope you enjoy it. Bought one for my daughter too.

  • Merrylands Target had 2 in stock tonight https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/228486/87850/img_20210...

  • Got confirmation that my order for the Bonsai is on it's way to the store for collection =D

  • +1

    Seems like bonsai tree is back in stock, better hurry if after one

    • +2

      just put an order in for the bonsai. will see if it gets cancelled.

  • +1

    Tried 4 times to order the bonsai with extra $10 discount, all 4 got cancelled ~ XD

    • +2

      Instant cancellation after putting order?

      • +1

        Yes, 10mins after i ordered

        • I think instant cancellation is more to do with the Target account being blacklisted or some sort. I never had this issue before but recently I've always had order cancelled instantly no matter which Lego set I bought (tried 3 different sets)

  • Thanks! Managed to get the batmobile.

  • Batwing in stock at Target Carindale, 2 left

  • Finally picked up my C&C order today for the Bonsai!

  • They just cancelled my Batwing order…. I ordered about 2 mins after this went up on the day. So sad :(

    • same here :(

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