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[PC] Steam - Platinum VR Collection Build your own Bundle - $9.95/$14.19/$21.29 (2/3/5 games) - Fanatical


One of the rare build your own VR bundles is back on sale.

You can choose from the following games:

  • Sprint Vector
  • Dungeons & Treasure VR
  • Raw Data
  • Narcosis (not offered anymore)
  • Conductor
  • Battlewake
  • Craft Keep VR
  • SVRVIVE: The Deus Helix
  • Cosmic Trip
  • Rainbow Reactor
  • GRIP: Combat Racing

Choose carefully and make sure the games you pick are not cheaper to buy on their own from somewhere else - in other words, check the all time lowest prices for the games you are interested in.


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    Can anyone give any recommendations, any of this worth playing?


      Raw Data plus one other depending on what you like.

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        Aren't you a helpful little elf?
        Maybe offer SmP46 some of the VR games you made?? ;-)


      @Smp46 Raw Data plus Battlewake (made by the same people who made Raw Data) or plus Cosmic Trip/Rainbow Reactor.


    I'd hold out and wait for a deal like humble bundles VR deal to hope to come along again.

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      That won't be happening too soon again given the rarity of those types of bundles.
      Raw Data plus one other game is definitely worth the $10 to play over the Easter break.


        That deal was awesome value and a pretty rare one with games of that quality for the price. Grabbed it in a heartbeat.

        Totally agree with Lysander that if you don't have it, Raw Data, plus one other game is good value in this deal.
        Even that and 2 games is worth considering.
        Just look them up online and see what they are like and how much they are elsewhere first.


        True, 2 games for $10 is a good deal. I'll have to take a look at Raw Data now


        ahh but Lysander you said THIS bundle wouldn't come along either, and it did - one day later.

        You can often find people in the /Streamtrades reddit who will trade games from this VR bundle. I was able to trade a few CS:GO keys for most of the VR games in the first HB VR bundle - except for GORN.

        Humble Bundle don't tend to repeat bundles though, so most likely Humble Bundle will have another VR bundle soon, but it'll be different games.


          True but if I look at HB history and how many VR bundles we have had so far - you can do the probability math.
          The only bundles that HB repeats are Codemaster ones if I remember correctly and ones from another publisher whose name I cannot remember right now. Other than that you are right - if there is another VR bundle in the future (and there will be at some point) it will not be identical to this one.


    Doesn't look like Narcosis is being offered?


      True. Updated. Thank you.