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$25 Discount on Taxi/Skybus Fare @ Placie


Placie is a new app that allows you to book a range of different transport providers. At the moment it mostly only works with taxis but they are going to be linked with rideshare, limos, and hire cars soon apparently. They are run/owned by carsales.com.au

The code is entered at the time of payment for your booking.

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    Lets go boyzzzz !!!

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    Does taxi drivers turn up for short trips?

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      Surely you jest. They only do trips to the airport.

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    Will it work in Adelaide? Sorry for the dumb question, I have rarely used taxis, never used Uber and need to get a cab tonight… it's only a very short trip, just a few mins away.

    • Beam e-scooter?

      • I'd happily walk but will have equipment to carry

    • +1

      Should work as you have 13CABS in Adelaide which is one of their partner companies.

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      Hello Beebul,

      Just arrived in Adelaide today for a holiday. and I use this app to book a 13 cab and I used the coupon code GOTAXI30 to get $30 off my trip.

      Good Luck

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    • hmm yes

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    Where do you put the code?

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    Seems the code can’t be used when scheduling for future (at least it doesn’t say applied)

    Can confirm it works for asap trips though

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    GOTAXI30 gave me $30 off on my first ride, not sure if it works for others.

    • Works! Maybe you should just create a new deal :)

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    how do you setup referral code? here

  • How do I use this with Skybus?

    I've tried it through the app and through Skybus directly, the promo code doesn't work.

  • Referral system has been setup for Placie.

    • +1

      Thanks. Just to confirm, the code is what follows signup.https://referrals.placie.com/?k= ?.

      • Yes. I wish I knew this before I signed up because there doesn't seem to be a way to enter a referral code if you just download the app and follow its prompts before going to a referral URL.

    • @scrimshaw - it looks like you need to to have the URL https://referrals.placie.com/?k= infront of the referral codes shown in the random referral for it to work.

      Can you please amend?

      • Referral type changed from coupon to URL parameter now.

  • Can this be used for a Skybus roundtrip?

    • I can only see one way tickets. Maybe just use one code for each trip?

  • Can the referral and this code be used or is it either/or?

    • Not sure. I didn't sign up with a referral code when I joined. Hopefully someone else can confirm?

  • Does this code or GOTAXI30 apply for multiple trips or is it just the first one?

    • +1

      OK so one voucher for one trip only. But you can use both codes.

  • Doesn't look like you can book a maxicab

  • +1

    Might need to amend your post, don’t see an option for SkyBus like a few other comments have said/asked.

    • Working fine for me. You might need to be more specific with the pick up or drop off address. Example.

      • hi i typed in from/to skybus avalon to skybus southern cross and it doesn't come up.
        Could anyone give me some tips please?

        • "SkyBus Coach Terminal" and "SkyBus Avalon" both seem to work for me. It can be a bit sensitive to how things are typed.

          • +1

            @donga100: The eastern express stops don't seem to work

          • +1

            @donga100: Can get City to Melb Airport to show for SkyBus, but not City to Avalon Airport. I set the from address as "SkyBus Coach Terminal" and destination as "SkyBus Avalon" but still no luck.

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    hey all, does this stack with referrals? has anyone tried?

  • Has anyone booked and used a skybus?
    Booked it for the future and received an email with broken image links and no skybus ticket.

  • +1

    This app is bad.

    First we use it to go to airport, and we were double charged, once through the app and another the driver said he didn't receive the payment and insisted me to pay on the spot.

    Then we gave it another chance and again it failed us. We were in the corner of the street ordered and waited for the taxi, the app shows the taxi is just in the corner beside us but we didn't see the taxi. After waited 15 minutes, we cancelled the trip and the taxi arrived. In the end we missed our flight thanks to Placie.

    Just use uber or other more stable app and save yourself headache from using this app.

  • the code doesnt seem to work anymore today

    • Which one? I used LETSGO this morning.

      • Still working, my wife used it right now.

    • +1

      Can confirm it still works.

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    Regarding SkyBus, in case anyone is wondering, it does work, however I was only able to book a one way trip.

    I recently visited Melbourne and was able to book a free trip from the Airport to the City.

    I did use my other phone to book the return trip from the City to the Airport, which was free as well.

    Saved me $28, thanks Placi!

  • +1

    I had already used the code (thank you!) to book Skybus and couldn't use it again. I couldn't see it in the comments but it looks like you can only use the code once per account.

  • Code doesnt work anymore

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