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[PS4, PS5, XB1] Hitman 3 $59.20 Delivered @ OzGameShop


Good price. Looks like Amazon is not price matching this as I have waited few hours. Have not ordered from here so please let me know.

PS4 @ $59.20: https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps4-games/hitman-iii-ps4-game-psv...
XB1 @ $58.36: https://www.ozgameshop.com/xbox-one-games/hitman-iii-xbox-on...

I have marked the deal as expired considering the company is based in UK and long delivery times.

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    Ozgameshop is legit, they were a real force circa 2011 but lost their pricing edge not long after.

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      They are legit BUT, they are UK based and not AU based as the name may imply.

      This means you get UK game versions and may be locked out of some DLC with an AU PSN account.

      Particularly for this game, Hitman, I would suggest not getting it from abroad if you want to import Hitman 1 & 2 content as well as get future DLC.

      (Also remember long delivery times in this current climate.)

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        Also this. Considering prices locally are pretty good these days, I wouldn't bother with them.


          They were great when the AU $ was high and local games cost more compared to them

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        Australia and Europe share the same region so you won't get locked out of DLC with games from ozgameshop unless it states that it's North America or Asia region game.

        I've had purchased many games from ozgameshop and later purchased dlc for them from the Australian PSN store.

        However, when I purchased South Park: The Fractured but Whole from ozgameshop it came with a code to redeem the first game (the stick of truth). I couldn't redeem this code on my Australian PSN account. But that's the only time I've had problems with games from ozgameshop.

        Delivery time has been around about 2 weeks last time I ordered from them.


      Ozgameshop lost their pricing edge when they were bought out around that time by some other company who got rid of the free shipping and all of a sudden the games were the same price as local retail.


    Is this the EU version or AU one? I'm a little concerned that a different version of 3 might not import my dlc and saves from 1 & 2.


    Thanks for posting, was waiting for it to be < $69 for a physical version.