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2021 Marin Fairfax 3 City Urban Bike $799.00 (Size XS) and More Models Delivered @ Bicycleonline


Given the Bicycle Market Situation, some bikes are on the special

2021 Marin Kentfield CS2 - Hybrid Bike

2021 Marin Kentfield CS2 ST - Hybrid Bike

2021 Polygon Heist X7 - Hybrid Bike
You Save $200.00 Our Price:$1,399.00

2021 Polygon Siskiu D5 - Dual Suspension Mountain Bike ($1299)

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    Anyone had any experience with the bicycles online buying process. I've heard some complaints about after sales service. It's a bit risky with issues with the bike after purchasing.

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      it comes in a box, so if you’ve never done any bike maintenance , or have no tools you might need to use local bike shop for assembly and adjustments…..which then leads into servicing, no free adjustments from bike shop …….. i got my bike from cycles galleria, free life time adjustments at anyone of their stores …….sure they try and sell me the chain clean spa but i just say no thanks and they do safely check, adjust derailleur, etc. and lube i do myself anyway.

      so after sales complaints from a box bike …..all i’d expect is if something breaks ….send back a derailleur or shifter ???? and was it broken or not adjusted ??????

      i’d buy a box bike but it’s not for everyone and if you need to get it assembled and get it to a bike shop that eats into your savings.

      with the fairfax, it’s a commute bike …the ones with 3 speed on crank have a chain guard so your long pants are safe ….the 2x crank don’t…. what people that buy this bike only wear lycra , shorts or have pants clips ….should also have chain guard and if you don’t want it remove it.

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      I bought a Polygon Siskiu T8 from bicycles online late last year. It was actually a pre-order, but it was shipped and received as quoted during checkout.

      My bike had a small dent in the frame when I received it. The box didn't look damaged, so likely damaged at the factory or during assembly. Contacted BO about it. They were responsive and I ended up agreeing to a refund of a small amount of the price back to my CC. I'm happy with that as an outcome.

      As for building the bike, if you can build IKEA furniture you should be ok with building the bike. There's a YouTube video linked on their website which gives you a rundown of the build process - take a look to see if you're comfortable.


        According to the pictures on the link above -direct link here: https://images.bicyclesonline.com.au/assets/alt_10/4822688.j...
        BicyclesOnline assemble all the bikes to test them, then take them to pieces again and ship them.
        That could be where the frame damage occured. Or in the original shipping to BicyclesOnline warehouse.


          Yeah that's what I figured too. I'm ultimately not too fussed about it as you've really gotta be looking for it to see it, and it's a mountain bike so it'll get dents and scratches in due time


    Fairfax looks like good specs for the price


      excellent specs for the price, problem is only size is XS so only suitable for kids …..
      L out of stock and XL pre order is full price.


    Whats happening with the bicycle market situation? Is it still chaotic due to covid?


      Nearly all accessories are sourced from China. The frames are mixed regions but there's only two or three frame makers.

      You are looking at minimum of six months wait and usually up to a year for the top brands like Trek, Cannondale, Scott etc.

      Polygon bikes aren't cheap and the large models are usually a couple of hundred more expensive and there is some really questionable wheel sizing for some models.


      That's what I was going to ask.
      So is it a temporary situation?

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    Not anymore as people have channelled their money into the housing market again.


      The bicycle parts supply issues is a global problem not Australia only


        Exactly, and coming into summer in the northern hemisphere, it'll be even harder to get what you want.

        I've been trying to get a Giant for months, doubt I'll get it this year.


    I hate that most of Polygon's mountain bikes use derpy hub standards. Mixtures of boost/boost QR rear and non-boost front. Makes any upgrade paths a flustercluck of "to get this fork I need to replace the hub" or "this fork will fit the hub…. but it's crap".