Current Gaming / Office Chair Suggestions ~$300 BUDGET

Been going through posts for a few days now trying to find something around 300~ budget. I honestly don't mind if it's gaming, office, or whatever. However I am looking at fabric or mesh designs.

Currently looking at:

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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    I know you've got a budget but you'd be well served by getting a Steelcase from this deal:

    Steelcases have a large following from the buyitforlife community.

    • oh my god they are expensive. Look good but so expensive…

  • I was in the same position with you last year. Bought one online ended up returning them as parts comes faulty and with rust. Even if it comes in good conditions, i would regret buying them because it feels wobbly and not as a good quality as I would expect from the picture.

    The comfort of a chair is subjective for each individual so I would highly recommend trying them first before buying them.

    I ended up going to office work and tried multiple chair from $100 - $300. Even the $300 one does not always feels a right fit for me as I am quite tall and need a chair that has a good length of depth to support my long legs.

    I ended up trying IKEA Markus after reading many forums, as IKEA Markus comes up several times in different discussions. It feels the right fit for me and quite sturdy compared to many chairs that I tried. I used this chair everyday for a long period of time (full time work and outside work). My kids sometimes climbing, jumping and swivel around on them. So far 6 months later since the purchase, I am super happy with them and it still hold up quite well.

    They have a leather version of them which seems nice but I have never tried them Markus $329

    The moral of the story is to try them first before buying them.

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    I tried the gaming chairs at Officeworks and absolutely hated them, I tried the Ikea markus but I felt that it didn't have enough support behind the shoulders. But yeah, definitely try all the chairs if you can.

    Ended up getting a chair from Kogan/Mydeal for my home office and I couldn't be happier. It ticked all the boxes, modern looking, mesh, headrest, adjustable armrest and under $300. I got it for $249 I think with the back to school sale, it's currently $279 [ErgoDuke] (

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