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North Bayou F80 Gas Strut Monitor Mount $37.40 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ ScreenMounts Amazon AU


This is my first post so please be gentle. :)

The most popular monitor arms on OzB is on sale for a limited time!

The price $37.40 is the lowest since the last Christmas deal. Its normal price is $44.

■ Fits most 17" to 27" displays
■ Supports monitor weights from 2-9 kg
■ VESA compliant 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm
■ Upright lift distance 260mm
■ Rotation 360° and Swivel 180°+

Just got one for my S2721Q. Don't forget Shopback/Cashrewards for some extra savings.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • It says maximum 30 inch…I wonder what happens if you install a 34 ultrawide on it.

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      Weight is more important than screen size

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        If only she said that too

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      You might not be able to do 360 dеgrееs lаndscаpе rоtаtiоn.

    • There is another model called F100A for bigger monitors. It's about $80. I got one for a 32 inch Kogan monitor, works great. Good rotations and angles. There are tension scews to soften swing. Mine has 2x USB ports at the base of the stand.

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        Have this too, fantastic stand for ultrawides and large screens. Absolutely worth the money. They drop to around the $65-70 mark on sale too.

      • what colour version did you get?

        Been thinking about getting one for a while, but the black looks very glossy in the pictures.

        Literally the only reason i haven't splurged for one yet (first world problems, i know). XD

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      I've got this mount for my 34" Kogan ultrawide and it works perfectly. There isn't enough room to move the screen to a vertical position, but it works very well at everything else.

      • Nice work Princy.They are pretty sturdy so if imagine it would work. One of the added benefits of the smaller version (other than price which is really good) would be that it takes up less space on the desk and would push back to the wall further.

      • Do people put ultrawides in vertical? I can't imagine flipping my x34p into vertical, the 27" Dell i have in vertical is big enough, and that's 20cm shorter.

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          Yes, there are people that put ultrawides in vertical. If you watch r/UltrawideMasterRace on reddit, you will see people posting their setups with vertical ultrawides (usually when they have upgraded from a 29"/34" ultrawide to a larger ultrawide or super-ultrawide).

          I personally have a 32" 4K monitor in portrait, which is only slightly shorter than a 34" ultrawide in portrait.

          • @caprimulgus: Thanks for the info! Damn that's hectic. What's the use case for that?

            • +1

              @ONEMariachi: For me? Just generally productivity usage. Lots of reference documents and excel spreadsheets, video conference and presenting (while referring to said reference documents and spreadsheets), and chat/social media windows to the side.

              Oh, I also have the my work laptop's 14" screen below the ultrawide too! :)

              • @caprimulgus: yeah similar usage to me, i just prefer the ultrawide in landscape. Effective set up is 34" ultrawide, with a 27" in vertical, then yeah the 14" work laptop under the ultrawide too! Almost considering another screen haha

                • @ONEMariachi: Oh yeah definitely: hence why I have the ultrawide in landscape as my main, and the 32" as my secondary in portrait/landscape.

                  Eventually I would love to upgrade to a 40" 5K2K ultrawide main - at which point I would put the 34" ultrawide in portrait on one side and the 32" 4K in portrait on the other! (Would probably have to sacrifice the laptop screen at that point, because I think it's limited to 3 screens total) :)

                  • @caprimulgus: Yeah I'm definitely waiting for some good 4k monitors at reasonable prices to drop with 2 HDMI 2.1 ports to house my PS5/Xbox as well.

                    I really like the idea of the mega ultrawides haha, but yeah, probably too big for my use case.

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      Xiaomi 34" will work well. I'm using it for the last 3-4 months.

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      I have this mount with my LG 34” ultra wide. Monitor weighs about 6kgs. The mount handles it with no problems.

      Hope this helps.

    • Put my 35 inch asus rog on it, 200 grams less than advertised maximum weight, had to tighten the adjusters however if struggled big time just a slight touch on the monitor it would sink… there are other models that can carry more weight which is what I went with, works well now.

    • I am using a 32" monitor and it is fine. Weight is more the issue than size.

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      For reference purpose: This fits the Xiaomi 34" with no dramas. I've been using this for the past 5 months now with no worries

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      I've got the Asus PG348Q on one of these for my wife, its not the most elegant setup and I don't think its particularly structurally sound, but it seems to do the trick. It's a 34" 8kg screen so pretty happy with the outcome, though I wouldn't put my 14kg 35" on there by any means.

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    I feel if it's below the max weight it should be fine. Just be aware, the further away from the central VESA point the edge is, the less weight it requires to be applied to reach it's support limit. So the larger the monitor, the more below the max weight you want it to be.

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      Username checks out

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      This would only be true if it was an unbalanced load.
      In the case of our monitor, the weight is distributed evenly (essentially) from the centre point where the vesa mount is, and so the rotational moments on either side from the centre are equal and opposite, thereby cancelling each other out, and having no effect.

      Your comment remains true in the other direction though! The thicker the monitor, the less the weight limit is.

      An analogy that will help you visualise it:

      Imagine a 3m plank of wood that weighs only 2kg. You can easily hold it by balancing it in your hand, provided you hold it in the centre. Your hand is the central VESA mounting point.
      Even if the plank is 6m long (& still only 2kg) aka a much bigger monitor - this is again an easy task. Balance it in the middle of your hand, and it’s no heavier than before.
      Consider the tradies carrying 6m long pieces of wood or PVC pipe around bunnings etc.

      However if you turn that plank or pipe around and try hold it from one end, facing out from you, then the weight becomes a problem instantly.

      Weight is the only factor that matters, for a VESA monitor mount.

      • 2nd edit:
        Your comment is also true if the monitor is not mounted vertical, eg. if it has say a 5 degree tilt, like for monitors mounted above eye level.

        The larger the tilt, the more the size matters and reduces your weight limit

  • Would anybody know if this would work on the 32” Dell S3221QS?

    • +1

      I got the S3221QS on the F100, and a 27 inch on F80, in terms of height and weight and VESA mount, it should work.

    • +2

      The only concern is if you go from landscape to portrait, but I reckon it'll still work.

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      F80 would work in EITHER portrait OR landscape (static). However it cannot rotate between the two without the corner hitting the desk (unless you swivel the whole arm away from the desk to rotate, and then swivel back).

      Source: I switched my S3221QS from a F80 to a H80 for that reason. (H100 and F100A would also work)

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    Ahhh damn, just got this at full price last week. Great monitor arm, super simple to install.

  • How do these fare compared to traditional ones like this?


    • Well. These are cheaper and do nearly the same. The device you linked is perhaps for more fixed use.

    • +1

      It's got more range of movement.

      I wouldn't even recommend that over a stock stand that has easy height adjustments.

    • In my opinion, it gives more range of motion and seems like a better product. Might take up more desk space though.

  • Had mine for 6 weeks (2 X AOC 27G2) at $44 each.
    Good solid stands, easy to fit/build.

  • Will this work if the back of your desk is against the wall?

    • If your desk is flush against the wall and you want the arm to sit behind then no, it won't work. If you insist on having your desk flush against the wall then you really have 2 options:
      1. Drill a hole in your desk and use the grommet attachment
      2. Attach the monitor arm to the side of your desk

    • +1

      Not if it's flush. From memory I needed ~ 15cm clearance to install it, and it stuck out around 2-4cm after that. Look at the 7th photo on the amazon listing if you want see for yourself.

    • +1

      need to move the desk to install, then like 1 to 2 cm once installed

  • These are really great and very cheap.

  • These are like the ZZZ Alteir of monitor mounts. I have both the ZZZ and this monitor mount and they are great. Be interesting if it will hold up when I eventually buy the Xiaomi Mi Monitor.

  • I grabbed the H80 for $36.51 last week on a flash sale. No idea what the difference is, but it is a solid monitor arm.

    • +1

      F80 doesnt have the pole mount part, so if you want to raise your monitor way above your desk H80 is the way to go

  • if you have a height adjustable desk and stand/sit in front of it, get the H80 instead

  • Can we install curved 34in monitor on it?

    • was contemplating getting this model, but I end up getting the H100 model.
      It has the pole where I can adjust the height

  • sad the white ones never go on sale on Amazon, the F100A was on sale the other day but only the black one

  • +5

    Damn I would love to get one but due to having a mahogany desk I'm unable to use clamps.

    • +1

      Why would someone downvote you for this? Have an upvote

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    Not a fan of this style of arm, where the first arm is a fixed angle and height. It gets in way and takes up more desk space.

    The better arms have a steel pole with clamp attached, so the first arm can be raised or lowered. This provides more desk space around the base, and allows for greater movement and positioning of monitor. Something like the VisionMount VM-GM112XD, more expensive, better.

  • +1

    Does this come with VESA screws to attach to the monitor or I will have to find them myself and risk damage to the threads? Thanks in adv

    • Usually your monitor comes with it's own VESA screws, but most arms come with their own as well. (I've never seen one that doesn't)

    • +1

      yes it does.

  • +1

    Perfect to go with the S2721DGF deal.

  • +1

    Yikes, ended up getting three of these for my setup.

  • I have it with the gigabyte 34" ultrawide at full extend almost horizontal and it still holds it. I did have to tighten the gears though.

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    Is this suitable for AW3821DW? 38 inch curved ultrawide monitor and weighs 8-9 kg. Looking for something that would allow the monitor to be as close as the edge as possible so I can get as much distance between my eyes and the monitor.

  • +1

    Don't forget Shopback/Cashrewards for some extra savings.

    Computer category is 0% on both CR & SB, so no cashback… Or did I miss something?

    • Yes I didn't get anything from the SB transaction. Edited.

  • New to monitor arms, how cheap can these things go? I'm not in any need rn and I'll get one later down the line when I get a 1440p panel (atm itll probably be the gigabyte m27q when it goes on sale) or if theres a good deal.

    • It wasn't on sale since the last Christmas.
      So if I was planning to get a monitor in the next 2-3 months, I would have grabbed one.

  • Wow mine have arrived today!!

  • Someone help me out here, I feel like I'm being an idiot.

    Mine arrived today. My arm looks right in the parts list. Base with the tapering end on the same side as the "elbow". But in the table mount instuctions the base is reversed with the tapered edge on the vesa mount side, opposite the elbow.

    I can't install the big table mount L bracket on the side the table mount says to as a result. If I just installed the L bracket anyway my setup would end up looking like one of the "Non-proper usage directions (Nok ok)" pictures.

    • You realise the bottom part of the arm can turn, right? (not a full 360, but about 270 degrees)

      I don't really understand your description, but just swivel the arm around so the elbow is pointing the other way. Not sure what the issues is!

      • Yeah, I guess that's it. I figured it couldn't be because it didn't go all the way 180 from it's original position and the diagram didn't look like it wasn't straight.

        Mounted it now. Looks janky to me. Ah well.

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