Confusing Parking Signs in Sydney City

Good day guys,

I noticed some areas in the city have rather confusing street parking signs of when one can park there or not. This is when there are two signs (one taxi and one car) stuck to the same pole.


Sign 1:

Taxi Zone: 10PM - 6:30AM

4P Ticket:

Ticket: 6PM - Midnight (MON - FRI)

Does that mean I can park there after 10PM and leave 11AM the next day, and I only have to pay for a 3 hour ticket for 8AM to 11AM (if its a public holiday)?

Or does it mean, I have to leave 10PM/midnight and only can park after 6:30AM the next morning, as it's a "taxi zone" during the 10PM to 6:30AM period?

Picture of sign



    I think the latter. No restrictions on what days of the week it is a taxi zone. I guess it is a shared parking area 10pm-midnight Monday-Friday.

    Though looks like you can park for free 6.31am-7.59am sat/sun/holidays and 6.31am-9.59pm weekdays


      Is there such thing as shared parking and taxi zone?
      That is a new concept I have never heard of.

      As far as I was aware:
      Stopping in a taxi zone
      182 Stopping in a taxi zone
      (1) A driver must not stop in a taxi zone, unless the driver is driving a taxi.: Offence provision.
      Note : "Taxi" is defined in the dictionary.
      (2) A "taxi zone" is a length of a road to which a taxi zone sign applies.

      Under NSW parking offences as at 1 July 2020
      This would be: Rule 182 (1) Stop in taxi zone = Fine level:3 & Penalty:$194


        Yeah that is a bit confusing. I wonder if they updated one separately and forgot to update the other to compensate.

        In any case if you got a fine, a photo of the sign would be enough to prove you didn't do anything wrong

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          I am thinking it is more likely the OP is misreading the sign and/or not taking the arrows into account.
          A picture of the sign would really help.

          In any case if you got a fine, a photo of the sign would be enough to prove you didn't do anything wrong

          You would hope so, but I wouldn't count on it…
          A photo of the sign would also technically prove you DID do something wrong ;-)


    Any other sign, like clearway?

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    So confusing, there's even a quiz you can do

    OP, you need an actual photo of the sign, so we can see where the arrows are pointing

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    Parking signs shouldn't have overlapping times, did you take a picture that you could post?

    Were there arrows pointing different directions? Might be a taxi zone on one side and ticket on the other?

    Assuming the taxi zone bit wasn't there you could leave your can overnight from 10pm-11am if you bought a 3 hour ticket, however the city of Sydney parking meters don't usually let you buy a ticket in advance so you'd have to go back at 8am and buy a ticket.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I think to be safe, I'm just not gonna park there at all during the taxi zone period.

    Maybe it is like one poster noted a overlapping time during Monday to Friday, that its shared between taxis and cars from 10pm to midnight. Never thought about that.

    The pic is at

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      The picture makes it clear that there is indeed a problem with the signs.
      The signs are contradicting one another for Mon —> Fri from 10pm —> Midnight as you suggest.
      I am pretty sure you can not "share" in this case since taxi zones can only be used by taxis. as per above

      I know of a similar circumstance where someone had the parking ticket rescinded since the signs were deemed to invalidate one another. You could probably get away without even purchasing a parking ticket during the 10pm-midnight slot, but don't take my advice and blame me for any fine you might receive ;-)

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    The way I read it is that:


    8am-6pm: 1/4 hour
    6pm-12am: 4 hour ticket (if purchased before 10pm)
    10pm-6.30am: Taxi Zone

    Sat-Sun / PH

    8am-10pm: 4 hour ticket
    10pm-6.30am: Taxi Zone
    6:30am-8am: FREE

    As others have mentioned, that overlap is strange and possibly something the council should look into resolving.

    Given the machine could charge you for 4 hours meaning I have paid till 12am, one could fight this with the council if fined but I would say that the Australian Road Rules trumps council laws.

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    I came in here ready to call out the OP for not being able to read properly…

    But nope, that's actually an error. Worth reporting to the council, as there should never be overlapping times like that with contradictory restrictions.