How Long Does Xiaomi Viomi V3 Take to Map a House?

Hello just purchased a Xiaomio Viomi V3. Ended up getting 2…for myself and for my aunty.

Any idea on how long it takes to map the house?

I've set both up correctly and am seeing two errors and I wonder if they're normal:
1. We've run it at least 5 times now downstairs, and because the area is quite large, I don't think it can cover it all in one go, so I would expect it to do as much as it can, auto return to charger, then resume where it left off when it hits 100%… however this isn't happening.

It often just enters sleep mode wherever it runs out of battery, e.g In the kitchen!

In one of the runs, it managed to return to dock automatically, howevrr it didn't resume once it hit 100%

Any ideas If this is normal?

  1. The map isn't very accurate yet. Despite the few runs we've had now, it still hasn't made even a half decent map of the floor.

Does it take time? If so, how long? A week or two?

  1. It seems to go haywire in the living room. The clean pattern isnt a neat up down motion, it tends to freak out and go anywhere.

Is that a common occurrence for the first couple of times running the vacuum in a new environment?

Many thanks in advance :)


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    Disclaimer: I don't have the Viomi. Mine's an OG Mi Robot.

    Any firmware updates pending? That sounds like a bug - I would expect the vacuum to go back to dock, charge itself and resume where it left off.

    Can you make a warranty claim?

    If you are stuck with it, one of the options would be to use the "go to dropped pin and clean" function (if it has one). Drop pin at the edge of the current map and get it to run a spot clean. While cleaning, the vacuum should map some of the nearby areas. You will have to repeat a few times until you build up the map. Then hope, it doesn't lose the map again.

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    Any idea on how long it takes to map the house?

    Depends how big the house is.

  • A tip I got from a fellow ozbargainer was to run it in "edges only" mode to make the map initially.

    • Can you please elaborate?

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        Edges only only cleans the edges (surprise!), so uses much less battery, and allows the robot to get around the whole house to do the initial mapping. Once the map is made, you can just use it normally.

        • Good tip. I didn't know that was an option. In addition, run it on the "quiet" option. This will ensure it minimises battery use.

          • @activ8newbs: Hey @activ8newbs

            Great to hear your problem got solved by fellow OZBargainers.
            Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected] for any specific problems you want to be answered.

            Thanks, and hope you all have a good rest of the day :)

            • @Mi Store AU: Thankyou. My problem still isn't resolved. I will try troubleshooting again tomorrow then will reach out to you if I continue to have issues. Thanks

              • @activ8newbs: No worries, how did you go yesterday troubleshooting? If you didn't get it sorted, then do reach out to our support team for specific assistance.

                • Edit, I saw your post below, great to hear its working again, feel free to reach to our support team or post on here, we check quite often so should be able to help :)
        • Can you let me know how to activate edges mode?

  • Can you see the map populated on the app?

    • Yes but not completely accurate

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    Mine drives me crazy, upon mapping the whole house it will not return to dock to charge when flat, instead driving as the crow flies to the dock and getting caught all over the furniture or driving into a wall until the battery is flat.

    I ended up mapping only part of my house and using it as a mop only and keeping my original Xiaomi robot in service as a vacuum

    • How long have you had it and how long have you used it? Doesn't sound promising. I've only done 4 or 5 runs.

      • We actually got sent a second unit since I figured the first was faulty but no luck on the second. Needless to say I won’t be going with viomi again

        I was trying nearly daily as I had to shove blankets and cushions under low furniture to try and get a complete map

        • Hey, are you still having problems with the V2 pro, or did the side sweeping/mapping of the whole house work? Has your mind changed on "Not going with Viomi again". If not, what would change your mind haha, I'm working with my team to really push Viomi brand in Australia to really make a positive impact in our peoples lives. So any criticism and feedback to help achieve that would be awesome :)

          • @Mi Store AU: I’ve got plenty of criticism, I might send you a PM

            • @coxjon: Sure, that would be great. I'll reach out in a few days if I don't hear from you.

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    Should have bought a roborock.

  • Not a helpful comment to you OP but how well does it mop?

    • Haven't tried but reviews says or does well.

  • That's why roborock or nothing!!

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    Hi I've got the same vacuum but haven't experienced any of these problems.

    The initial map does take a few tries- I had to help it by cleaning up any areas it might get easily stuck. Unfortunately you cant add keep out areas until the map is complete- these definitely help in the long run

    Mine returns to the dock to charge before finishing a cycle. It shouldn't just go to sleep.

    Give these a try:
    - Update the App and robot firmware. Robot should be running v3.5.8_0008. If you were running an old firmware then consider deleting your current map after firmware update.
    - For suction level use Silent mode to reduce battery usage (just to get the map done)
    - Dont pick it up and move it unless the app tells you it's stuck

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    Hi everyone thanks for the help. Update is that it just fixed itself. It automatically goes to charge and picks up where it left off.

    I didn't update firmware

    The reason it was going haywire is because the carpet in the room has deep grooves in the pattern which confused the V3 as it has very bouncy suspension.

    All is well thanks!