Tool-Experts: Will This Blade Be Okay for This Circular Saw?

Hi all,

Before I go back to Bunnings, I'm asking people more knowledgeable about tools their opinion.

A few weeks ago, I purchased the Ozito circular saw. I asked for a pack of blades to go with it (neither has been used yet) and was given a Craftright 180mm multipack. Yesterday, I opened the saw box and the paperwork inside said to only use 185 blades.

I bought them together and the tool person handed me these, quite confidently, as if it was standard. I mean, I'd hope they wouldn't do so if these blades would be harmful/wouldn't work. But then again, I don't know much about tools and was getting this for a few basic jobs around the garden (building a trellis, other odd jobs, etc…nothing big).

Did Bunnings steer me wrong or is 5mm not a big deal? Otherwise, I looked for 185mm blades online there and they are expensive. I may as well return the lot and get the Makita which at least comes with a blade.



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    Smaller by that amount is ok. I wouldn't go larger than stipulated as they're not likely to fit.

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    Out of interest as it sounds like you won't use often, why did you buy a pack of blades? Wouldn't the blade that comes with it be suitable for your needs?

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    That'll be fine though obviously you'll lose 5mm of cut capacity. Good blades are expensive, cheap ones won't last and/or do a poor job.

    I may as well return the lot and get the Makita which at least comes with a blade.

    The Ozito didn't come with a blade at all?

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      you'll lose 5mm of cut

      Really? My maths says otherwise.


      2.5mm reduction

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    If they are the same Arbor size and rpm rating should be okay

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    185mm Makita blades would fit your Ozito and they are not expensive (24T and 40T). They are also of higher quality than Craftright.

    If Makita is only $29 or so more expensive than the Ozito, then yeah, you may as well get it.

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    Definitely return them and don't buy craftright anything, unless you are fully expecting it to be single use.
    Get a good clean cut with another blade, eg makita/diablo as above


      I have incredibly limited experience with these power tools. However, I can say that I have used my craftright rotary exactly 4 times since it was bought. I used the blade that came with it. On each of those 4 occasions, it worked exactly as expected with no dramas. The cuts came out straight and clean. Just sharing my positive experience.

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    Don't worry, she'll be fine, go for it, you're not a cabinet maker.
    Just be careful with it, they can be mean. Keep the blade clean and oiled, if you take it off just wrap the blade in paper.