[Advice] Regarding No Warranty When 3 Years’ Warranty Is Advertised

In Sep 2020 I purchased a Hikvision NVR with 6 colorvu cameras off eBay, paid with PayPal through Amex and connected them. The item cost just over $2,000. The item (still online) is advertised with 3 years’ warranty.

In Feb the NVR stopped working, no power, no lights, the cameras are offline, etc…
I contacted Hikvision and they advised the item is not covered under warranty because it’s a grey import.

I contacted the seller and when I explained the issue he stopped replying. After 6 days I opened a dispute with PayPal that the item is not as described. They closed the case with a note that I have altered or repaired the item. Which is incorrect. I messaged them and they reopened the case apologising that it was a misunderstanding. I sent them written proof from Hikvision that the serial number is not covered under warranty and screenshots of the item’s warranty claim on eBay as well as a link to the item which is still live.

After a couple of days the seller offered $170 refund which I denied because that won’t even cover a repair for the grey import and won’t fix the grey import issue. Fast forward a couple of days, PayPal closed the case with a note that “warranty” is not covered under buyer protection and that I need to contact the manufacturer.
I messaged them multiple times since and explained that there is NO warranty, which IS the issue, the item listing is misleading and false advertising, they would not budge, they still would not cover the item or re-open my dispute.

I logged a case with Amex and they closed the first case with something along the lines of “Over 90 days” claim. I called them and they reopened the case again. After I submitted all the proof under the sun, no luck, they closed it with something like “The evidence suggest that the charge is valid and that I’m opening an unrecognised charge dispute”, which I wasn’t, I was disputing a misleading item. I even sent them proof that I tried to return the item and the seller is not responding to provide a return shipping address.

I’m $2,000+ out of pocket with an item that is now faulty and is not covered under warranty.
I know I have the option to repair it myself, but then what if something else goes wrong with it over and over again? The NVR only lasted 4 months total since install. I cannot be certain the cameras are still functioning as I have no means to power them on without the NVR.

I have opened a case with AFCA, I haven’t heard back from them yet, but seeing how things have gone so far, I’m not so hopeful.

Any advice as to what options I have here would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did you know it was a grey import when you purchased it?

    Was the price you paid a lot cheaper than typical non grey prices?

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      No, nothing in the listing said it’s a grey import. The price I paid is $150 cheaper than my local store, which for an item this expensive I wouldn’t go grey import to save $150.

      • Dang! Tough gig. Good luck

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    Besides the warranty, it is probably just the power adapter. Check with a multi-meter if you have one. If it is, then Jaycar / Altronics will have something to replace it.

    • Yes, that’s my guess as well, found the PSU for $135, this will be my last option if all fails.

      • I have a Swann system & it’s always the power adapter.
        Hope that’s all it is for you as well. Good luck 🤞

      • build in psu?

        • Yes, build in PSU to support PoE for the cameras. 12V for the boards and 52V for the cameras IIRC

      • Should have taken that $170 refund now :)

    • Hope it's not cooked by power surge. Also the $170 looks like refund for the NVR box alone.

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    Used to be able to "Request sellers Details" on ebay.com.au but seems like this is removed.
    Contact ebay.com.au advise your ebay Username, Seller Username and Item Number and say you want
    Request sellers Details.

    That should get you an address.

    • The reply is below, not sure why it didn’t come in as a reply.

  • Thanks for the suggestion.
    Any idea how to contact them? When I try to dispute the item I can’t find it in my recent items because it’s ore than 90 days old.
    Any email I can send this to?

  • I did not think Hikvision had a presence in Australia. If they do can you let me know the contact details as the only contact details are overseas.

    The two Hikvision distributors I found for Australia (there may be more) will not support any grey imports as the goods did not come through them and as such they have no responsibility to fix them.

    Saying this have you tried to get Hikvision in the country that the goods came from to try and get warranty support?

    Hikvision support form overseas has been a hit or miss with me when I was trying to reset my brothers system as the installer has disappeared and did not pass on any of the passwords or login details.

    • Yes, Hikvision has an office in Macquarie Park. I will PM you their phone number and support email.
      I have tried to contact their overseas support through a chat, but only got an automated reply, never a real person. I sent a single email and didn’t get a reply. I sent a contact form and didn’t get a reply.

      Australian contact is your best bet.

      Edit: It’s public info so I’ve added it below.

      Hikvision Australia (Pty) Ltd
      Technical Support Hotine: 1300 976 305
      Website: www.hikvision.com.au
      Email: [email protected]
      Address: Unit 5, 2 Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

  • Link to item?

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/333628844548
      6 cameras 4TB HDD to get the right price ($2,079 when I bought it).

      • Sellers registered location is China, so you’re probably screwed even if you do get their address :(

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          Yes, I found that too late. They have pickup in regents park, which isn’t far from me. Maybe I should buy something from my wife’a account to get the address and go give them a knock on the door haha.

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            @ItsGod: And then give them negative feedback on the item, just to drive home a point

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            @ItsGod: regents park looks like drop shipper's warehouse