2021 Toyota Prado GXL Pricing

Hi All,

I'm looking to order a new GXL in the next couple of weeks and just wondering if anyone has placed an order recently?

Interested to see what prices people have been managing to get. (Yes i know there is a long wait)

I'm in Perth but anything is worth knowing.




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    RRP but with some extras thrown in? Prado sell themselves, no need for big discounts.

  • There's a brand new model next year by the way to finally retire this one. Really really really really hoping for a non-diesel version…

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      Really really really really hoping for a non-diesel version…

      U wot m8?

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        Some of us would love to see the 4L V6 come back instead of puny 4-pot diesels.

        • Get a V6 diesel 😉

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            @brendanm: They will never give us a Pardo a v6 diesel. If you want more power, get the large cruiser with the V8, or the upcoming V6.

        • Had a 3L V6 diesel previous to this one and it's just not the same driving dynamic. Beyond once a month towing bowrider boat, don't need it.

    • Unlikely for next year. Engine upgrade from late last year will hold them through till at least 2022. Plus with supply chain issues across the board, I'm sure there's no rush for new models that aren't already in the pipeline

      And if it's petrol it'll be hybrid. It won't be straight petrol

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    Drop in and see spackbace, he is a Toyota new car salesman in Perth and will do ozbargain members 15% off RRP.

    • Yeh no.

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      I think the demo Prado is off to Monkey Mia this weekend.

  • the Pardo is very over price now. With so many choices of ute based SUV, why do you need a Pardo?

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    Because I want one, the ride and comfort of a ute or ute based suv is not comparable

  • Can anyone pm me Spacibace details

  • I'll sell you one, but at RRP

    These cars have a 4-5 month wait time. They're flying out the door as it is. 2019/20 models are asking new car pricing.

    There's zero need to discount these cars…

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      yep this. Bloody delusional to think you'd get a discount on a hugely sought after luxury suv.

      I would hazard a guess that you'd have issues buying a lightly optioned base mode in SYDNEY.

      I could walk around with $65k in a briefcase and I'd be shown the door out at every Toyota dealer here.

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        Bloody delusional to think you'd get a discount on a hugely sought after luxury suv.

        Hand in your Ozbargain licence right now because you fail. You can always get a discount on anything at any time at any place even if it is a Toyota with a 6 month waiting list. You just need to create the right circumstances and work for it. Just because you don’t get a discount at one location it doesn’t mean you won’t get it elsewhere, just because you can’t get a discount on one specification doesn’t mean you cannot get it on another. For gods sake I just negotiated a discount on land sale in the Sydney Market with the current boom going on below the advertised price with competing buyers in play. Never pay full price and don’t be a part of the problem.

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      Thanks, I've got a few quotes already below the RRP.

      Will stick with those dealers instead, in no hurry

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        Are we talking a couple of hundred or thousands here?

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          RRP less floor mats

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          Nothing huge but have got one for $68,500 which is just base plus paint upgrade

          Nothing amazing but RRP is like 70ish I thought

          I'm fine with that quote anyways

          • @craggles: RRP is about $74k plus paint

            In the current market I'd actually be surprised with that quote, unless you qualify for fleet discounts.

            That's a $6k discount…

            Or is that GX pricing?

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        That's fine, I'm not exactly in a rush to get into a Dutch auction with other dealers

    • There's zero need to discount these cars…

      If you are a salesman that works for a business, there might not be a need to discount the car but there is a need to make sales and sometimes to make a sale you will need to discount. For example if the dealership has 10 sales members selling prados and only 6 are selling them plus there is a back order of 100 prados why would they just have 4 salesman sitting there doing nothing or underperforming. The basic principles of business do not change in a stock shortage. The amount you have to sell is tied into what your cost is to sell the product in the first place and if your paying 10 people they will want to sell 10 salesman’s worth of cars if they are only selling 6 salesman’s worth of cars then they may as well flick the other 4.

      • There's no need to discount right now

        We have a certain allocation of cars each month. Why fill that allocation with cars that have little profit in them, and further push out our wait times?

        And we're doing just fine for salespeople targets just fyi

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          yeah man, you dont know nothing about how your dealership works being that you work at that dealership

          you should be glad you just got lectured to by this guy and the 'basic principles of business'

          listen to he dumb theoreticals which have a lot more weight that you actually working at your dealership

          • @tonyjzx: Yes because every Woolworths employee knows how Woolworths works from top to bottom. Obviously employees don’t know how a business works they think they do, but they don’t. His job is to sell cars not manage a multi national franchise.

        • I suggest you follow the advice above to achieve perpetual salesman of the month status 🤭

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            @MS Paint: I'll just get my 9yo to sell cars at cost price 😛 no skill involved in that

        • Yes exactly, I don’t disagree, but there may be a need elsewhere to sell a few more to hit the quota. Thats where a discount may be found.

  • 2021 GXL premium paint + premium interior for $70,000 in Brisbane though, ETA is August lol

    $68500 is a ridiculously amazing price.

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      RRP for GXL (standard cloth seats) - WA - $73,783, QLD - $71,208

      Just as a comparison. Stupid stamp duty

      I feel like $68,500 was for the GX 7-seater, which has a RRP of $69,340 plus metallic

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        Nope I've got it in writing for gxl with Crystal pearl, and I have multiple under 70k driveaway

        Think your overcooking it a bit

        But if your selling agree I wouldn't discount, I've just been lucky I guess

        • Think your overcooking it a bit

          I've run the numbers, and at $68,500 drive away in Crystal Pearl, it's very near to cost price. Even on Silver/Gold Fleet level, there's not a lot in it.

          I wouldn't even ask my Manager if we could match that, because we wouldn't.

          But then again, at that price I don't know why you're not running down there and signing on the bottom line lol

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            @spackbace: Because ‘YoU Sh0uLd wA1k AwAy iF yOU dOn’t gEt 10% OfF a New cAR. AIm fOR 15%’

          • @spackbace: I'm not whinging just seeing what else is around, I'll prob pull the trigger this weekend

            • @craggles:

              I'm not whinging

              Never said you were

              Also, it's end of month. They might be prepared to do that sort of deal now, but maybe not on the weekend.

              Just as an aside, there's an update to the car around June/July, and we expect a price increase. They can (and will) pass this onto you

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                @spackbace: Anothe price increase? Toyota must be still testing how much they can milk from the Pardo and the Curiser, just like Apple on the iphone.

                • @kfcfatfat: You seem surprised. That’s how many businesses work. Sell as many as you can at as high a price as you can. They are playing with decades of Toyota reputation in a market that is lapping up ‘get out and see Aus’

                  High demand - higher price is economics 101.

              • @spackbace: Hey spackbace, do you know what the updates coming in June/July are going to add? Cheers

            • @craggles: Hi Craggles

              Have you bought the car? How much have you bought it for? Please let me know here or via message.

  • Too bad there are no decent alternative. Nissan would not do a diesel patrol because apparently we (Australian) are the only one who wants it.

    But once there are they are going to price themselves out of the market (I know this is going to be a while, or even never)

  • Hey Craig,

    I took delivery of a MY2021 (Dec 2020 build) Prado GXL two weeks ago. I bought off the showroom floor in the colour I wanted from a dealer in Central QLD (I'm in Brisbane) as I didn't want to wait 4-6 months.

    I had quotes of $66,500 driveway for a GXL with fabric interior, metallic paint with a factory towbar for a build-to-order car. I got that price both from a salesperson myself and via a broker I was working with.

    I ended up paying $68,400 driveaway for the car off the dealership floor with factory towbar, metallic paint and dealer applied tint.

    • Hi Brakenick

      I am interested to buy Prado GXL as well and happy to wait. Is it possible to share these quote with me. I will try with local dealer to see if they can price match.

      Have you bought the car? How much have you bought it for?


      • Don't even try to compare Brisbane prices to Perth, you'll get laughed out the door

        • Hi Spaceback

          I have checked all your comments on Prado and sorry to say you seems to be so negative. As a part of the Ozbargain community, you should atleast say to your fellow bargain mates that look mate i can't get you any cheaper but there is no harm in trying other dealer.

          Based on the comments here and on whirlpool forum, lots of people got discounted price even in WA. so there is a chance of getting discount. If i cant get a discounted price here, i will go to Eastern State dealer, get a discounted price and get it delivered here. I will not pay full price on the new car.

          Thanks for being a part of ozbargain family.

          • @Benzy: Do you have an address over east to licence it to? If it gets licensee in your WA address you're still up for WA stamp duty rates

            • @spackbace: thanks spaceback for your helpful reply. No i don't have address over east. ok let me see some options.

          • @Benzy: Agree, but he does sell the cars so its in his best interest to say that you cant get a discount so his comments make sense from that perspective.

  • You should aim for 10% off RRP, can confirm I have purchased in January with car on the ship at the moment, as well as my parents in ordered December and took delivery last week and mate in ordered march all with around a 9-10% discount off RRP in Perth. You just have to find the right dealer willing to do the deal.

    • Hi Mate,

      Could you please PM me or reply to this message and let me know any sale person name / dealer name? Could you please also let me know hat deal you got (model, price and inclusions)?

      Thanks for the support.


    • Sent you PM

  • 66k VIC and still waiting for production from Japan. Delivery is around Mid June.

    • Hi Mate

      Is 66k for GXL model?

      Could you please PM me or reply to this message and let me know any sale person name / dealer name? Could you please also let me know what deal you got (model, price and inclusions)?



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  • Order at end of Feb, vx for less than $74000.
    Now car is arriving and will need to pay extra $1k for MY22 spec upgrade (useless 19' wheel)

    • Billhan, we got our vx a few weeks ago - $74k with the updates. Very long wait but they provided a loan car for the last two months.

      Looking at buying the loan car gxl 68k inc upgrades. Anyone getting bettter ?

      • I got my one for 74800~

        • Great, nice car but honestly not much changed since our original 10 3.0TD (the engine is much nicer to use when towing close to the limit).

          • @i-Tight: Which color you got? I added extra for the pearl white one.

  • We got pearl white as well!

    • May I know which state are you in, seems your vx is very well. NSW now at least 76k5+ for now

  • Vic

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    Hey op how did you go with the final pricing?
    The GXL with leather park is SA is $77,676 - do you think it’s possible to knock off 10%? Bring it down to $69.8k?

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