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LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck 60253 $15 (RRP $29.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


50% off the RRP.
LEGO 60253 - City Ice Cream Truck.

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    We had Timboon Ice-Cream for breakfast today LOL. The joys of a road trip…

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    That's some expensive icecream! The Lego guy is paying with a $100 bill.


      So? That doesn't mean the ice cream is expensive. I've used $50 bills before to pay for Bunnings sausages ($2). Sometimes it's the only change you've got. I find it odd that they've made the money green - only the US uses green money, no other country.


        Looks like green is quite common for 100s. The Australian $100 note is quite green (but also a bit orange). The €100 Euro note is green. The American $100 bill is green. The Samoan $100 bill is green. The Canadian $100 bill is brown and green. The Brazilian Reais is bluish green. Until 2018, the Indian 100 rupee was bluish green.

        Apparently they put a little thought into the internationalisation because there's no monetary unil on the bill, simply the number 100. Maybe it's 100 cents?

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    Pretty good investment for $15 - it's also the same price at Toys R Us online. Usually you can buy these sets and then re-sell them later for many times their original value, once they're out of production. You could probably sell this set for $50 or more in a few years time.


      Not the run of the mill city sets.


        Not true. However, some City sets appreciate more than others. One example of a set that's done very well is the City hospital (60204) - $69 at KMart in 2019. Now selling for $240-$275 on eBay. That's 3.5x-4x increase in value in the space of less than 2 years.

        Another example: set 60118 (city garbage truck) from a few years ago, could be bought for around $20 when new. Now they're going for $105-$160 on eBay. That's 4-5x increase.


      City one of the worst investment themes in Lego !
      Even 50% off won't help the investment much .


    Thanks grabbed this for one of my daughters for Easter. We do gifts rather than chocolates :)

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      Oh that's a great idea.

      Thanks OP!

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    Thanks for this, my 5 year old was eyeing this one the other day, he will be delighted that he only has to spend $15 of his money

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    Not 50% off because different chain stores sell the small sets below RRP as their everyday price.

    Regular price is $19 at big w. Sale price is $15.2.

    21% off, not 50%.

    Because big w has an ebay store this set can be had cheaper than $15.