Help with Buying a New Toyota Yaris

G'day All, the wife is looking at getting a brand new Toyota Yaris Ascent Sport Hatch Automatic CVT. Looking at the various dealerships in Sydney, the advertised drive-away price (on their respective websites) is approximately between $26,000 to $28,000. Questions:

  1. All sites state that current offers end 30 April 2020. Any advice if it is advisable to wait for end of fiscal year deals or should we make a move now?
  2. Generally how much discount can I bargain for? Say if the dealership is selling for $26,500 drive-away, should I aim for $22,500? That was just an example, but what is a realistic figure to work towards? Is it 4K off their price or 3K?
  3. Any advice on strategies to negotiate?
  4. Thoughts on using a car broker? Never used one before, but a friend of mine did his research when he bought his car and then contacted this agent who then managed to get him a better price through his network.
  5. Any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


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    Car supply is constrained generally due to covid so they arent bargaining as much, unless its a car that is bad which people dont want.

    I doubt you are getting 15 percent off on a toyota

    • surely he could around 12% off when the market goes back to normal

      • I guess in 2022

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    Yes to all

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    Why would you get a Yaris Ascent Sport when you can get the Corolla for the same price or $2k more?

    In the past the Yaris was a $15k drive away car…

    I'm not sure who is more foolish, Toyota for trying to sell a manual Yaris for $26k drive away or the people paying that much!

    That's Mazda 3 prices which is a vastly better car.

    • Why would you get a Yaris Ascent Sport when you can get the Corolla for the same price or $2k more?

      If they're like my brother, apparently it's too big and the smaller, the better 🙄

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        Yaris just under 4m long width 1.7m

        Corolla hatch just under 4.4m long width 1.8m

        Only big difference is 40cm longer

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          That is enough of a difference, on whether the car will fit into a tight parallel parking space or not.

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            @SF3: True, considering how people cannot follow clearly painted lines but that is a different conversation.

      • I saw somebody parking a Yaris in a double car space the other day. It may as well have been a Cadillac.

    • Agree. The new regular Yaris is so expensive it makes the GR Yaris look a complete steal!

      • Gar Yaris was a steal only during the $40k drive away intro…. I should have bought one.

        At full price the GR isn't so cheap.. but a great car!

  • 26 grand for holden barina is too much, i mean for yaris.

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    Yeah, toyotas are hot property at the moment, the Yaris is stupidly priced (i believe to see how many suckers that can get).
    Get the Corolla, still a small car, more punchy and more space.

    Yaris really is the runt of the litter at that price, the depreciation is going to catch up with it fast.

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    Value for money, the Yaris is a poor choice. Yes resale will be higher, but not dramatically higher than other blue chip brands.

    If you want a small car, a top of the Range GT-Line Kia Rio is a VASTLY better choice.

  • Thanks all, I agree Corolla hatchback is a way better option than Yaris. Will talk to my wife later today and see if I can sway her thinking towards a Corolla.

    I have been out of touch with car prices lately, but I was surprised that there is no small car from a decent brand under $20K. The best I can find is a Suzuki at $19,990.

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      Kia Picanto

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      You still can get Kia Rio under 20K

    • As others have said consider Kia - they're great, lots of features, long warranty. I have a cerato that I'm very happy with.

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      No love for the Honda Jazz?

      I got a 03 GD with around 230,000kms that is still running like a glove , doesn't consume a single drop of oil between changes and CVT still going strong (fingers crossed)

      Its still got that dreaded start-clutch issue so it will judder under load or uphill from time to time but its a great car , very fuel efficient and easy to park.

      I have sat in the newer models and i think they are decent for the price-point , i am a few models behind now but if i was looking for a reliable car on a budget that would be my first go-to , all the newer models have the fancy stuff like camera's , sensors , climate control etc.

      Only issues i have really had with it besides the aforementioned transmission annoyance , Original starter-motor died just the other day which is decent given how old it is now ($300) , ignition switch block needed replacing couple years ago (another $300-400) , roof seals are worn but fixed it with some silicon but will get around to it later on.

      Serviced like overkill however , engine oil every 5000ks and new filter every second change (because oil is cheap why not) , and transmission done every 40k since new.

      The old girl has another 50,000km in her before the transmission goes i hope but the engine still runs like new and could easily do another 150,000km+

      It isn't a powerful car but they are very reliable.

      • The Jazz has been axed indefinitely - Its no longer available for purchase in Australia.

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          Well….at least the 50 years edition gives you a lot for your money , only a little more for the VTI if you are not fussed on looks and you got apple car play and android auto.

          I am not sure of the fate of Honda after they have switched to Fixed pricing and how that will do on their business model going forward but , at least even if Honda does go under like Holden , its good to know the Jazz will still be a good reliable little car.

      • Makes me sad noone likes the jazz. I get that time has moved on but a brilliant car. I had a 1.5 with manual and it zipped around nicely

        • Good as a shopping trolley and that's where it ends. Wish Honda would bring in the new one.

  • Thanks, all. Will also look into Kia.
    Any advice on how to negotiate? What are some of the strategies that you have used when you bought your car?

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      If you have plenty of times, visit several dealers. Get the best price from one dealer then go to another and ask to beat the price. Repeat.

  • unfortunatelty No Bargain on toyota unless u can wait 2-4 months after ordering… I saw them selling a demo for drive away price..

  • Yaris maybe relatively expensive, but it meets 2021 5 star ANCAP ratings. Resale value of any vehicle will be impacted on ANCAP rating. Remember that ANCAP ratings keep getting stricter every year.

    1. It’s the wrong time to buy
    2. If it is time for you to buy, you won’t get big discounts.
    • So what is a good time to buy? We can wait, don't need a second car immediately.

      • That'd be Q2 2022 at least!

      • I don’t have a crystal ball, but my guess is at least 3-6 months after the majority of the developed world is vaccinated or covid cases are globally in numbers like Australia has.

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