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Kogan 34" WQHD 1000R Curved 144Hz Freesync HDR Gaming Monitor $454 + Shipping (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


I bought one a few months ago for $529 and am very pleased with it. You'll see the discount next 3 days upon checkout.
Compared to the Xiaomi 144Hz monitor, it has same brightness, better curve (1000R Vs 1500R), HDR support, and 2 speakers.
It lacks one HDMI port.
The OD:7ms response time seems to be slow but Kogan traditionally uses the slowest GtG time in their spec compared to other manufacturers who uses average GtG time, so this 7ms response time is not necessarily worse than others.

My own view as a use: a decent display. The HDR and speakers are just there, close to useless, but the 1000R curve is nice. Build quality is much better than average.
Factory colour calibration is way too warm. But with a proper calibration profile it's beautiful.

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  • +5

    The control style is like samsung's, one stick from behind the screen does everything.
    And it has RGB!!! (Can be turned off)

    I'm sharing my colour calibration profile for this display, for those who bought it and want to try my taste of colour:
    It works on both windows and mac.

    For those who use mac, you will need RDM tool to use native scaled UI on any WQHD monitors, otherwise you are stuck with tiny text and menus.
    I have achieved great results with that tool.

    • Oh is this a new version? My 34" 144 144hz Kogan still use the individual buttons!

    • Tah for the calibration settings. I'm liking it so far, and yes, well built so far. Thanks to Jaswolf for the previous data.

    • Got mine monitor today was $449 I extended warranty for 3 years .

      Thanks Simonjo , for colour calibration . i will give it a go .

      Also have you run dead pixel test


      I got 1 dead pixel on black colour , other colours is fine very hard to notice.

      but I might do warranty return , the monitor is amazing for the price comes with RGB as well .

  • Looks great, does smaller number 1000R mean more curve or flat compared to 1500R?

    • +1

      More curve

    • -1

      According to the internet 1000R is what natural human field of view is.

      • +1

        yeah you're not really understanding the word radius here…

        1000R is not going to look very natural if you're sitting 10m from it, or 1cm from it.

    • +1

      lower is more curve. 1000R = 1000mm radius

    • Seconding correct replies, R stands for radius, lower number = less radius / curve, e.g. Xiaomi Mi 34” is 1500R

  • Shows as $529 for me?

    EDIT: Ahh, there's a $75 off promotion, total is correct in the cart.

  • Probably been asked 1 billion times before - but how does it compare to the Xiaomi 34 144hz

    • +2

      supposedly this panel is newer, therefore better.

      but i don't think anybody knows for sure yet, waiting for Hardware Unboxed to review it.

      • +2

        I got a (faulty) Xiaomi, and by comparision - ignoring the 3x deal pixel areas on the Xiaomi - the Kogan is better overall.

        This is my second Kogan 34", and certainly won't be my last - I've had excellent experiences with both.

    • this would be Samsung g5 panel i think?
      so thats much better then xiaomi

  • Is there a special link or code? Getting $504 on checkout here.

    • I got that when changing shipping - I refreshed & selected First, then it showed as $454 again… wtf

      • Also the price goes up if you got more than 1 in the cart $491.50 > $504 > $510.25

  • +1

    The 7ms would likely be the average response time, where most manufacturers would post the peak response time.

    Good post though!

    Here's RTings' review of the 34" Samsung G5 Ultrawide, which would appear to be very similar: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/samsung/odyssey-g5-lc...

    • i think its the same panel

      • Yes, but likely different binning.

  • Just 1 year warranty.

  • Looks good but pretty low res. I guess if you’re gaming then that’s ok.

    But for my work I’ve got a 4K 28” Samsung and will never go back to non 4K! Whenever I use someone else’s 1080p monitor, I miss my monitor.

    If they make a curved 32”+ monitor with the same pixel density as my monitor, I’ll buy it.

    • It's higher total res than a 4k monitor… pixel density is lower though.

      • No it’s not actually, it’s WQHD which I thought was 2560x1440 by definition, but this particular one is 3440x1440.

        4K is 3840x2160 which is a fair bit higher.

        • Oh yeah, sorry - brain fart.

          I've got 3 x 4k monitors, but one's dying & tempted to get an UW replacement.

          • @Carrera1963: Woah that’s a nice setup! I wouldn’t mind 2 monitors..

            • @GeneralSkunk: They're all in different locations! Home office desk (U2720Q); 2nd "temporary" home office desk (28" UE850); PS5 gaming rig (S3221QS).

              The old Samsung UE850 is dying :(

    • 1080p at 27" is pretty bad, dont mind 1440p at 27
      Why do you like 4k so much - what work do you do?

      • I’m an electronics engineer, so look at design drawings most of the day. The front kerning and rendering on a 4K monitor is very smooth and crisp, bit like on your phone. You don’t see all the grey antialiasing fuzziness pixels. It’s due to the fact that Windows scales everything to 150%.

        Edit: so reading text and looking at images and websites is much nicer too.

        • I’ve been using the xiaomi 34” for civil modelling, it’s been pretty decent so far

        • Thanks, I'm looking at spreadsheets/code/documents so not sure how much benefit i'd get. I guess the height for a standard monitor is probably more useful than width unless i have things side by side

    • UP3218K - not curved but you honestly don't need it for 32" below

      280 ppi

  • Shame 77 bucks shipping to NT… first not accepted here.

  • $504 when put it in the cart?

    • Nevermind

  • Do anyone know whether the Xiaomi lamp can sit on top of the monitor? Thanks

  • +1

    Note for those confused. The price only discounts the monitor to $504 if bought alone. This is because Sale Price is $529 minus $25 discount = $504.

    It only applies the next tier $75 discount if your entire checkout total INCLUDING the discount is over $500.

    For me, I added a certa electronic air pump for $40 and First membership $11.99.

    So all together:
    Monitor: $529
    Pump: $40
    First: $12
    Sub Total: $581
    Discount: - $75
    Grand Total: $506 ($505.98 to be exact) which qualifies for the $75 <== math gymnastics by kogan checkout.

    • +1

      Shows 454 in cart for me (no other items in there)

      • Weird. Oh well, the above was what I had to do to get it to work.

        • +1

          I just reopened the listing, it shows 454 in the cart, but when I choose Freight Protection price goes up to $504! That's what must have happened last night.

  • What is the Kogan dead pixel policy, if there are one or two either dead or bright pixels do they accept these screens back and is post covered for does the buyer have to pay to return ship it?

    Also, what is the refresh rate coming out of the HDMI 2.0 port?

  • Was the deal over early? Showing $529 now regardless of quantity or link.

  • I assume these are NOT G-Sync "compatible"?

  • duh this one is now 999.99
    should have bought it……

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