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Whats good backup software for PC/Laptop at home to the NAS? Paid or free - not really trusting of free for this sorta stuff, but willing to listen.

Example: I select folders on my PC and it backs up to NAS automatically (ideally sync as soon as files are added, etc …. not scheduled)

My QNAP NAS has good software that you run on your PC. It works for a week, then stops and you dont know it has stopped :(

Others have problems on QNAP forum, but the netbak replicator software is no longer supported



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    Assuming you're running Windows, why not use the built-in feature?


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      And if you're running MacOS, there's time machine.

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        and on Linux there's cron and rsync ;)

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    I have been using https://bvckup2.com for years and have no complaints! It's fast simple, and the customisability is good.

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    I use goodsync. Works well

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    I use Veaam - might be overkill but I find enterprise software more resiliant

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    rsync ?

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    I’m using Microsoft’s Synctoy. It’s a freeware and you can configure methods of syncing.

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    not really trusting of free for this sorta stuff

    Regardless free or paid, you should never trust backup software unless you periodically test it.
    What kind of files are you looking to backup? How many files? Does it change much? Do you need to keep revisions/deleted files?

    In some scenarios its better to use OneDrive/GoogleDrive/Dropbox.

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      you should never trust backup software unless you periodically test it.

      This! A backup is no good if you go to use it and find it corrupted / misconfigured / etc.

      I've heard of the rule of 3 / 3-2-1 rule (https://www.acronis.com/en-au/articles/backup-rule/), but I read today about 3-2-1-1-0, with the added -1-0 being 1 copy offline: not accessible from the internet/network (to prevent ransomware, etc) and 0 errors: check your backup is actually working as expected!

  • Free File Sync is good for on-demand comparison and synchronisation (I use it make offline backups to HDDs from my NAS) and can even be set up to run on a schedule.

    SyncBackFree is perfect for automated backups and is plenty customisable for backing up to all sorts of locations and via all kinds of protocols (network, cloud-based, FTP/SSL, etc.) with a huge array of parameters and backup granularity.

    If you're willing to pay then ether SyncBackPro or Macrium Reflect Workstation/Server would be the best choices for home use.

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      I have been using Free File Sync for a few years and it is reliable.

  • I use Acronis True Image (paid) for backing up of specific folders and partition images.

    For file synching I use Allway Sync (free)

  • For file syncing I use Syncthing (free, open-source).

    For backup Google Drive for anything I want accessible remotely. Google Photos and a USB hard drive for my photos. Nothing else is really "backed up" (bad, I know…)

    I will be moving to something else eventually (home server), but haven't gotten far into that at all.

  • If you are using Windows, I would recommend Gs Richcopy 360 or Duplicate

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