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[VIC] Free A-League Ticket to Western United Vs Melbourne City: AAMI Park, Melbourne, Thursday 1 April 5:35pm @ Ticketek


No ticket handling charge as well. Enter promo code into "Please enter your password box" and click unlock tickets.

A-League Category D General Admission Tickets to Western United Vs Melbourne City
AAMI Park, Melbourne
Thursday 1 April 5:35pm

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  • Thanks OP got some

  • where do you enter the code?

  • Would totally go if I was around, damn!

  • see you in the ozbargain bay

  • My city fan brother was bitching about wanting to take the nephews and nieces. He can now. Thanks

  • These are $25 each. By chance i'm in town tomorrow at about that time so might pop in for the first half.

    I got a ticket section 76.

    • So you took a ticket away from someone else just in case you might go for a half?

      • @onetwothreefour The stadium has plenty of seats left and better to have people on seats looking good on TV audience for game sponsors than nothing. Plus people will likely buy something to eat and drink anyway, particularly at that time of day, so there's no loss there.

        They know that half the free ticket folk won't show up, it's normal for these kinda promos.

        A few years back I was walking past the GABBA with a few mates and they handed us tickets to head in for the footy. We were on our way to a pub for beers, so free entry meant we drank in there instead.

    • Well that was terrible.

      I was in full sunlight. Couldn't see a thing as I thought I would be in shade so didn't prepare. No sunscreen and no sunglasses. I gave up after 20 minutes and went home.

      Missed the first goal as the tram didn't come. The nice customer care officer made a tram turn around to take us. About 100 people.

      • Count yourself lucky you missed half the crowd waiting outside aami stadium cos ticketek went down national wide and most pple couldnt download their tix. Security eventually let everyone without scanning tix and we sat wherever we wanted.

        It was an enjoyable match so ty to op.

        • I downloaded the ticket at home and printed it out well in advance.

          I don't understand this mobile only ticketing stuff so I used the alternative…. paper.

  • Is 5:35pm the kickoff time? That's pretty early.

    • Would also like confirmation of kick off time if anyone knows. Could make or break the drive up.

  • Attended my first Melbourne Victory game in February at AAMI park. Actually very enjoyable and the stadium looks great.

    Think tickets then were about $27 each + processing fee.

    So just grabbed two. Thanks 😁

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks op!

  • What a great deal! Just bought mine yesterday, albeit in a different section. See you there!

  • Does anyone know if this might be made available for other states?

  • Son has woken up sick. :( If anyone needs 3 tix for tonight please PM me.

  • doesn't look like I'll be able to go today, got 2 free tickets if anyone wants