Dual wan router

Hi all,

I have 2 connections at home, would like to remove the dual set of router/switches and just have 1 router that has switch ports that I can assign to 1 dhcp range or another and have it routed to a different wan port.

Anyone can recommend one that is easy to use and has good firewall options?


  • how the 2 WANs to be connected ? 2 ethernet ports ? I think you can use any router (even the ones you currently have) running OpenWRT for loadbalancing with 2 WANs.
    I used to have a GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2 running OpenWRT with 2 WANs (Ethernet + USB as 2 WAN inputs) for DNS based loadbalancing.

  • Ubiquiti Edge Router X can do load balancing and might be able to setup rules like what you want. Would be worth looking into as they are cheap…

  • I am not actually trying to load balance, I just want to have 2 different WAN connections with separated switch ports for the different LANs and have them work as independent of each other whilst still be able to manage both on this main router.

    • So you're not actually needing dual WAN, but dual subnets.

      If your router has a 'guest' wifi that'll be the simplest way to do this, but it gets a bit trickier if you need wired guests

  • You can have a look at Cisco or peplink

  • Ubiquiti USG can be configured for dual WAN. Not sure what sort of options you'll have but as I've never looked into it.

    I think bazingaa's suggested option of OpenWRT will give you the most flexible solution (assuming OpenWRT can do what you want) - you certainly won't be tied to any manufacturer's vision.

  • Draytek Vigor2926 with 2 Gigabit WAN ports