Help Me Choose a Second Hand Eurotrashwagon SUV

So i've owned a Kia SUV for the best part of 7 years now which has proved indestructible (this was my uni beater car). Having now been in a professional role for 4 years now i've been fortunate enough to have saved up some money to drop on a second hand pseudo 4x4 (i was looking at an Audi A5 but for practicality sake i gave it a miss, carting around bikes etc.) - Budgeted up to $25k

So the next best option is to go for a large SUV.
Yes i know that you shouldn't own a high kilometre Eurotrashwagon but i'm a sucker for pain/masochist and money isn't really a huge issue.

So there's 7 options - see the poll below.

If anyone has a personal experience with these or can provide their two cents that would be swell.

Poll Options expired

  • 4
    Get a Toyota Prado in a year's time after prices have stabilised.
  • 3
    Get a Volkswagen Touareg (2011 onwards)
  • 22
    Get a Porsched Cayenne (2008 onwards)
  • 2
    Get an Audi Q7 (2010 onwards)
  • 2
    Get a BMW X5 (2009 onwards)
  • 4
    Get a Mercedes GL/ML (2010 onwards)
  • 3
    Get a Range Rover Sport (2007 onwards) - probably the stupidest choice of the bunch but hey.


  • +1

    Actual budget?

    Do you want to go off-road? Or tow?

    Any kids or plans of?

    • up to $25k

      If i bought a Prado, would go off road, if it's euro, probably not.

      Still in my 20's so not really, especially with houses the way they are.

      • +1

        Why an SUV in your 20s? Why not some hot hatch or something?

        • +3

          Bikes n shiz
          Also i hate myself enough to drive a soccer mum car.

          • +2

            @Drakesy: Honestly, the minute you jump in a 10yo Euro, then jump in anything modern but Japanese, you'll wonder why you're looking at a Euro.

            Those interiors will be dated as hell, multimedia systems basic with outdated GPS, buggy bluetooth etc. Certainly no Carplay/Android Auto etc.

            Every creaky hinge, or malfunctioning feature will be annoying and will only mean more $$s spend towards making it better.

            I'd have one for a weekend, but I wouldn't own one. Have seen enough older Euros to make my mind up.

            • @spackbace: Though it’s extremely easy to upgrade the head unit in a pre 2016 VW to a post 2016 one (when they introduced CarPlay). You can buy them on alixpress for $200 and slot it in yourself.

      • +5

        25k on nearly any on that list is going to be a money pit.

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  • +9

    God theres some expensive repair jobs on that list.

  • +1


    0-100 in 5.1s

    Pulls like a train.

    • Can get one for ~$31k. Not bad.

    • Pulls like a train.

      Ah yes, trains are compulsive self-pleasurers.

    • +1

      drove one of these for a couple of years, lots of fun

  • +1

    ML63 is a beast. The M156 engine is incredible, but if prior to 2012, make sure the head bolts, cams and adjusters are done. THe 4.0L twin turbo V8 is pretty sweet too

  • +2

    Wouldn't go a Prado. Up until the very recent update, the 2.8 litre engine was lethargically slow. 0-100 was in something stupid like 14 seconds. Yes, you don't buy a proper 4WD to drive like a race car, but the Prado really was taking the piss. I had one for a week as a hire car and just couldn't live with it. The new one is 0-100 around 11 seconds which is around par for most diesel utes and wagons. But it'll still drive quite differently to your Kia and to the other vehicles you've listed. I've got a late model ladder chassis 4WD (not a Prado) and it drives quite differently to my partner's new RAV4. It's not even as good on road as my dad's 10 year old Ford Territory.

    It's pretty soccer-mum, but if you want a large pseduo-4WD, I'd get a Kluger. It's available with AWD, has a crisp petrol 6 cylinder, can get it with good features, and will cost a ton less to run than the other cars you've listed.

  • Corolla Hybrid with all the bells and whistles.

    • I assume you talking about previous generation which ain't all that flash.

  • +5

    territory turbo bro. be the envy of all the soccer dads instead of the soccer mums lol. bonus points on faded paint and yellowed headlights

  • I may be biased, but 7P Touareg for me 😉 Can fit a heap of crap in the back with the seats folded down. Good power and economy.

    Can't stand the climate controls and mmi on the q7, and until you get to the 958 cayenne the interior is pretty dated.

    • Honestly this is what i'm leaning towards, fairly quick whilst having a relatively up to date interior.

      Really just a Porsche Cayenne with a VW badge or vice versa.

      • Correct, but much cheaper. Diesel cayennes are still worth decent money. Make sure to get the 180kw version though.

        • Did the same calculation before Christmas.

          For basically the same car :

          2016 Touareg or 20k + for the Q7 or 40k + for the Porsche.

          • @Colonel Flagg: The q7 is ugly and annoying. The only one with 7 seats though if that's what floats your boat.

  • +2

    Get a Wagon or a Hatchback, those options all bite…

  • Get the Range Rover. Make sure it’s black and has air suspension so you can lower it easily.

  • Get a Porsche and eat sushi

    • Depends on whether OP is a Mortgage broker or not.

  • +1

    If you want a good car, get another Kia. Zero complaints about my Sorento!

    If money isn't an issue - Tesla model X??

    If you are wanting to throw away money, I'll PM you my bank details instead

    • +2

      I prefer to donate to my mechanic's children's college fund.
      I get the warm fuzzies knowing i put a child through uni

  • If I was looking for a 4x4 with a $25k budget I would probably get a new suzuki jimny. Chuck bike on roof and hit the bush. Cheap to run.

  • LOL @ title. Drakesy, you are my new spirit animal :D

    My vote is Porsche. They seem to be one of the more reliable Euro Scheißkiste on the market.

  • +2

    money isn't really a huge issue

    Then why ask on a bargain site 🤦🏻😀

  • +1

    Volkswagen Touareg V10

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    I had a 2014 CX5 for a couple of years - nothing wrong with it, perfectly functional and comfortable enough, but a little uninteresting. Now daily driving a 2004 cayenne turbo. Fuel consumption is epic, about 17L/100km in city traffic. However, performance is also pretty impressive for a super heavy 4WD and sounds great with an exhaust bypass. Air suspension is incredible - have driven interstate 8-10 hours and felt fresh at the destination. Incredibly comfortable ride on air. Small sunroof is a bit of a letdown compared to panoramic roofs. Changed the dated PCM to a 10" android and it's right up to date. Great sound system (bypassed the Bose amp for a Nakamichi).

    Downsides - V8 models often had bad plastic coolant pipes. Mine had already replaced with aluminium ones, but the plastic T pieces to the turbos blew out and that was a reasonable pricey repair. I normally work on all my cars myself, but had no time when that problem came up. Centre bearing disintegrated on the way back from Adelaide, but luckily could fix that on the side of the road with a basic repair kit. COolant expansion tank blew out last week, but that was a cheap fix and easy repair ($70 part). I'll be replacing the rear tailgate struts soon, they only seem to last a year. Again, cheap and easy job to do. If you're handy with tools, this early model cayenne is surprisingly straightforward to work on.

    If you can stretch the budget a tiny bit more, the older SQ5s have an amazing diesel powerplant, heaps of torque and more modern interior. However, having owned an Audi, I don't know if I can go through the pain of owning another one!

    • Cheers, the cayenne turbo did tempt me, just not a fan of the older styling unfortunately (current one looks the goods). Although the performance sounds delicious, just not the fuel consumption.

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    keep the Kia.

  • I’d suggest getting another Kia. After owning an Opel (Astra), granted its an Opel, I’m reluctant to consider another European vehicle.

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    I don't get why you need a massive SUV for bicycles?

  • I can only see expensive repair bills in that list which would make me more inclined to save longer and get something newer if it had to be Euro…but given the lower budget, I'd just get a newer Kia/Hyundai/Mazda/Nissan/Toyota unless you really need to run with the whole "More than you can afford pal….Ferrari" type line?

    I also don't understand the "need an SUV to cart bikes around" thing either. Wouldn't you just get a dual cab ute?

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      I also don't understand the "need an SUV to cart bikes around" thing either. Wouldn't you just get a dual cab ute?

      A wagon is a lot more secure for bikes. I have a ute, and am not comfortable leaving a family’s worth of bikes out in the open for any period of time, often even just to go pay for fuel. I could put a canopy on, but then the bikes don’t fit whole.

    • +2

      Dual cab utes ride like crap.

  • +1

    You don't say what engine you are thinking of. eg: I wouldn't touch a V6 Merc.

    There are some real stinkers there with the potential to be absolute money pits unless you are mechanically motivated and happy to source parts from overseas.

    I'd buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee before some of those POS. You are almost asking which crap sandwich you would prefer to eat.

    • The range rover is the only really silly one. Cayenne/Touareg/q7 are basically the same car, the 3l diesel is pretty reliable, and 8 speed aisin trans is the same.

      The X5 is also pretty decent, popular so parts are everywhere at reasonable prices.

      Prado is reliable, great resale, but underpowered.

      The range rover though, wear suspension like crazy, wears brakes like crazy, numerous engine and electrical issues, least reliable air suspension out of all of them.

  • Honda odessey

  • If you're considering a prado, look into Mitsi Challegners. Covid tax hasn't hit them. They're not particularly fancy, but will go more places than a prado (or at least the same amount) and be significantly cheaper