expired Sony PlayStaion 3 160GB Slim $299 from Target

Sony PlayStaion 3 160GB Slim $299 from TargetAffiliate

Hi Guys, long time visitor first time poster. Please don't flame, found this on lassoo and thought it'd share. The cheapest sold in store since the dicksmith deal last year. Not sure if there's any stock left but you might be able to get a price match :)

Good Luck!

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    HN tag price 276

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    i think this is the regular price now and the price will drop anyway too early in the year

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    I'd say if you were after fifa or something, this would be a better deal


    ps3 + fifa 12 + gt5 for $325


    PS3 has 5 more years to go.
    I'd say if anything, console prices would slightly go up later.


    Thanks ozbHunter. If it was silver, I'd buy it to replace my old fat 80gb.

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    Sorry mate, regular price, you can find this cheaper elsewhere.

    Neg, because other people need to know you can get it cheaper.


      where exactly is it cheaper - link?

      I know that pre-christmas you could get this for $270-ish at Harvey norman and DSE, but not anymore.


          Wicked. Cheers


          But what about warranty?

          Personally I'd rather
          1) Not have my unit posted to me (safer being transported en masse to target than to my door, surely?)
          2) Not have to post my ps3 to the east coast for warranty (although I'm not sure if that's the case with game online sales; it generally is with online vs brick and mortar stores of the same company)

          Not saying it's a deal, but I'm saying I'd rather $299 at target than $298 at game.

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    How is this a deal?

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    Couldn't agree more but this is now a shopping site not a bargain site.

    The demands to neg, the auto removal of negs according to ratio, and the unchecked vitriol unmoderated makes that clear.Don't bother negging or trying to help people here because this site does not like it anymore.

    Just view the so called bargains - not many here now - and leave quietly - many of them make you laugh at least….

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    WhY don't people just pop "PS3" into the search and compare prices before they "Double" post ?

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      I'd be interested to know if when you submit a ps3 deal, if it prompts you to check if it's a dupe too

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        After half a dozen other PS3 deals were posted in the past 2 weeks, what idiot wouldn't ? lol


    This is the standard price for a PS3 these days. Not a bargain.

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