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HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Gaming Headset $30 (Was $69) + Delivery ($0 with $65 Spend/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Kmart


Good price for this gaming headset.

It's $64.20 on Amazon : https://www.amazon.com.au/HyperX-Cloud-Stinger-Core-HX-HSCSC...

You can choose free click and collect in store, product comes with 2 years warranty


Includes 1 headset and1 PC extension cable
Lightweight comfort
Immersive In-game audio
Durable, adjustable steel sliders
Convenient In-line audio controls
Noise-cancelling adjustable mic
Multi-platform compatibility
Compatible with: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Mobile, Nintendo Switch
Warranty: 2 years

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    Thanks Op


    Thanks OP bought 2

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    is this good for job interviews?

    • +57 votes

      Yes, they'll think you're a pro gamer.

      • +3 votes

        With experience in sitting down for long periods of time

        • +16 votes

          That man would be identified as management material, and fast tracked to a promotion.

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    some great reviews on these: "Sound is muddy, the plastic feels cheap - like a 20 dollar headset, microphone picks up anything and everything . Earpads are itchy. No inline controls other than sound. Overall its quite a poor product - feels like a 20 dollar headset."

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      feels like a 20 dollar headset

      not wrong ig lol

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    Do not buy this.

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      Thanks for this very insightful review.

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        Also relieved I read the comments before buying

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        No worries, there is nothing more ominous than a simple statement.

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    Hate it how all the new Kmart's aren't on the stock checker yet
    (Edit: found some are if you go into the checkout)

    For a $30 headset, 2 year warranty is great. I've heard mixed reviews, but again that was because it was double the price to them


      Nope, I got mine for $35 at JB.

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    A couple of useful reviews/demos I came across on YouTube; essentially to the effect that it has its limitations but is very good value for the price. (And this is significantly marked down, obviously.)

    This video:

    Are they worth the $49? … Yes. I really do, I like the headset. The thing I don't like about it is the 7.1. Could they have removed this and dropped the price by ten bucks? I don't know. If this was $39, I'd tell you right now, go get it. It is awesome. It's a great comfortable, durable … and it sounds good for a headset.

    This video:

    For $40, it's a great headset. … They're giving Turtle Beach a run for their money in the inexpensive gaming headset market. And I think with the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core they have a home run. … For the money you just can't beat it.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuZEJ3ape2M Nice pickup, i was considering the core previous model, and needed new ones. How'd you find out ??

    Also what are peoples thoughts on the Razer Nari Ultimate the haptic feedback ones ? Any used the Nari Ultimate ?


    I don’t recommend this model. Poor build quality. Mine is broken after barely a year.


      Really damn how much did it cost you? I am thinking the RazerBlackShark V2 or V2X ??

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        not much. Got it from JB hifi for $39.
        The overall build feels loose and cheap. the ear cap is a bit smothering.
        The connection was a bit on and off after a few months. And then the mic stopped working completely.
        Didn't really bother with the warranty cause I can't find the original receipt.
        Definitely not worth the RRP.


          So even at
          $39 you reckon not worth it so i guess $30 def not yea?


      Whats Razers warranty like then if your is more or less broken. Looks cheap. But my old 7 year old USB Microsoft headset the mic died ( now they build them like a brick back then before they added "gaming" to headsets. So looking for a temp, if audio is shite will use the 60 day return thing

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    The truth is that you grab $10 headphones, put “gaming” on their name, add some RGB, stick a logo/brand on their body. Now, you are ready to sell them for 6 times higher.

    Sometimes, the turnover isn’t going well, you discount them half price. Many still call it bargain. (J/k lol)

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    The lowest model you should go for is the normal Cloud Stinger. https://www.amazon.com.au/HyperX-HX-HSCS-BK-AS-Stinger-Light...

    The build and material of this don't look that good. The Cloud Stinger is only $10 when it goes through a similar promotion.


      Switch compatibility?


        what's the difference betwene Normal and Core version?


          From looking at the pictures, seems a poorer build using cheaper materials.

          Look at the ear cushions and flex mic area.


    lol all these great reviews make me feel better about my cheap SADES SA-708GT headset I thought these were bad but so far no complaints about my mic in the 2+ years of owning and using it almost daily and it is around $24 free shipping on ebay just search sades gaming headset

    I paid something like 4-5 bucks also for warranty lol because i was pretty out of it or bored I can't remember now I forget

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    How come no rgb

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      And they call it 'gaming'



    i have the previous edition, just cloud stinger i believe. it's much better than other headsets I've had in both quality of feel and sound. Definitely worth for under 100$. good mic and good sound. Good for music too

    edit: ah right, the edition i have is the slightly better "cloud stinger", where as this edition is stinger core which seems to be the budget of budget headsets


    So for some reason i thought i was getting the cloud stinger, from a review i saw. But the kmart one was the cloud stinger "core". And someone mentioned the "core" is a budget of the stinger. Yes its a very, very budget. When i got it. I was like where is the red hyper X logo. Then i looked into it and went shite. I was thinking the stinger and got the core. Which i thought was the stinger from a review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHw5mW1e200. It was a rush to buy at $30 thinking it was this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHw5mW1e200

    So the "CORE" is shite, like its super light and very basic. It cant go loud at all for music, or sounds out of games in general. Its a whisper for all sounds out of games.

    Only in PUBG it come alive! Suddenly you could hear everything, no bass, and no real mid, but you can hear spacious sounds around! That alone is worth it, but i want something for music and other things. But in games it goes up quite a bit in decibels and goes quite loud enough.

    But its quite cheap and budget. So the cheap, plastic and nasty.

    But i have got the right one now the stinger non "core" and will update how that vs the core goes. I have a feeling the sound will be way better, the mic i would say is the same which is quite good. Also umart online store has the core for $39 and some said with promotion bring to $10 @fuzor. Prob what its worth.


    But weird how it comes aloud in games only.


    Get the Hyper X Cloud II. Easily one of the best sounding / more comfortable headsets for people with big noggins. And not too pricey either.