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Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case $252 (Was $319) + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi long time lurker but not too sure on the format of how to post. Have been on the hunt for airpods and waiting for a price drop. Saw that the 2nd gen wireless charging airpods had dropped significantly! Checked at other retailers online and the price is around the $319 mark still. Don’t want anyone to miss out who has been waiting! My partner and I picked them up at the JB HI FI in Kedron!

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    Cheaper elsewhere. - $236 with $15 coupon. Even pro model has been about $10-$11 more than this.

  • Officeworks price beat missing in the comments

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      Officeworks price beat for additional 5% off !

    • “First post please be gentle” missing in op’s comment 😂

  • Wait, so the regular case is not a wireless charging case?

    • Yes you have to opt for a wireless charging case. Base model is always wired charging

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    This is a terrible deal. The airpods with wireless charging have been far cheaper than this in the past, and the substantially better sounding pro model has also been very close to this price. No deal!

    • Yep, i am looking at my airpods pro which i bought for 249 from amazon late last year….

      • You’re not wrong in it being cheaper in other places. I guess for someone like myself who doesn’t love waiting for delivery it’s pretty cheap to pick up if you’re in store.

  • If you wait enough you can buy pro model for this price and that comes with wireless charging case

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    It's a pretty average price isn't it? Catch have them for $1 less with free shipping trial?


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      I just preferred buying instore but catch so have them at a great deal!

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    This is airpod pro prices wtf. Terrible deal

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      My bad! I guess I don’t lurk enough to catch these deals :I I’ve never seen prices like this instore (And not aready sold out)

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      I would have gone with "identical item cheaper elsewhere"

      The rest of your neg reasons aren't really valid (imo at least).

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      I personally don’t like the the AirPod pro ear pieces but I understand the quality was probably significantly better! I think I’m content with my purchase, just wanted to share with people who might want to save a bit of they can’t afford the buy the best thing :)

      1. Some people can't or don't like using the AirPods Pro.
      2. True but this has nothing to do with the deal. It could be 3months till the new one comes out, if someone need this now, its a deal.
      3. With any Apple Products, there is always 'better options' at the price tag.

      Neither of these are valid reasons to neg a deal imo.

      • No reply to the first point?

        • What first point..?

          1) You can get the AirPods Pro for not much more if you insist on AirPods

          This? If so..

          1. Some people can't or don't like using the AirPods Pro.

          Not everybody wants or can use AirPods Pro. They are different products and fit differently.

          • @buckethat: Fair. I thought their first point was its cheaper elsewhere. As linked above it’s cheaper from another retailer.

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              @Pricebeat: That would've been a fair point to make. I've seen it cheaper too but this is not terrible, some people prefer to buy things in store.

    • neither is a reason for negging imo.

      1) not everyone wants the pro version
      2) it’s not here yet and the new price won’t be this price or less (unless apple had an epiphany and started selling things cheaper than equal previous models at launch)
      3) better by which metrics? i for one prefer, works well within the eco system, better after sales experience than other features making the suggestions less attractive than airpods.

    • Lmao only -7 u guys can do better

  • I found an airpods pro charging case the other day, no airpods in it though. Cool story huh?

  • Seems like you haven't been lurking for that long. Average price, but solid first post.

    Was looking around and saw Costco at $99. Now that's a bargain. Sold out, but wondering did anyone manage to get?

    • I did state in a reply earlier about seeing the deals but they were usually sold out when I got to them :) just trying to pass on what I found to people who might be interested. Considering this is sold out don’t really think this deal beats at the moment :P

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