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[XB1, PS4, PC, SUBS] NHL 21 (in April, no PC)+FIFA 21 (in May) added to Xbox Game Pass+EA Play - MS Store/PS Store/Origin/Steam


On 12 April 2021 NHL 21 will be added to XBox Game Pass and EA Play and in May 2021 FIFA 21 will be added.


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    Wait. NHL 2021 will be available on PC?

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    Well this is confusing, so are they just added to EA Play Sub?

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      The are added to EA Play. As EA Play is also included in Game Pass they are also added to that.
      So, in other words, you need to have one of those subscriptions to have access to it. Hence the SUBS in the title and that is why it is not marked as a freebie.


        Makes sense


        Pretty sure EA Play only included in Games Pass Ultimate

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          Also Game Pass for PC

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    That title was a Trainwreck to understand at first.
    Thank goodness your description clarified it.

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    Gamepass be like

    Make it rain

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    I got excited seeing nhl 21 on pc??

    False flag lol


    FIFA 21 now available.