Recommendations for Getting Racing Gear

Has anyone bought racing gear before for track days? Looking for helmets (AS1698), maybe gloves, and shoes.
where is the best place to purchase in person as I want to try the fit first?


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    Is this for car, bike, karting?

    Helmet, motorcycle shop.

    The rest depends on what you are racing…

    For car/kart gear, I have used Revolution Racegear and Concept Racegear… both in Melbourne area.

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      Can't believe revolution racegear still exists. I purchased gear off them in 1995 (seat and harness for a Datsun 1600) Great stuff and service way back then. I guess that's why they are still in business.


    Try on local and give them the opportunity for your business. Ie: they can make a profit, but not a killing. If they won't dance, go online and get it 1/2 price.


    this is the only place I know of:

    edit: looks like AS1698 is for motorcycle helmets, so I guess any bike shop will do? not sure what are the the requirements for track days, but at least for open wheels racing, I thought usually you will need the fireproof interiors for helmets, which I think is not required for motorcycle helmets, but I haven't looked at this kind of stuff for years so I could be wrong.

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    The only thing you must have is a helmet for your first track day. Any motorcycle shop should be able to help you regarding helmets. Or you can hire from the event coordinator.
    Gloves can be handy, but honestly, for your first couple of track days, avoid adding complexity/gear that you're unfamiliar with.
    I still use regular shoes for my track days as I haven't found a comfortable set of racing shoes, and I find it makes the pedals less familiar than my normal shoes (I take my daily driver to the track)

    I think I bought my first helmet from Peter Stephens Ringwood
    Probably gonna go visit these guys - - soon for my next helmet, who have a few locations around Melbourne

    My personal preference is to buy from the physical store if I've used their service (eg. trying it on for size), and I didn't find online retailers that much cheaper anyway (at the lower end of the price range).
    Also I found fitment varies a lot for helmets between models and brands, so it does help to try the actual helmet on before you buy. Especially with glasses.