PowerPal Historical Data Has Vanished after App Update

Has anyone updated their PowerPal iOS app to v1.12.2, only to find almost all historical usage data is completely gone apart from the total monthly values?

It happened to me this morning. I tried it on another family member's iPad which is connected to their own PowerPal device. Same issue.

I read the release notes afterwards:

See your power on your new phone with a full energy history download when you use iCloud to transfer your data.

It seems like the data might still be there, but the iCloud migration code is buggy.

It would be good to find out if anyone else is similarly affected.

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    Got an update on Android today that was "a fix for the absent history data caused by the recent daylight savings time change". They might be working on a fix for iOS as well.

    • Thanks for the reply, mate.
      The iOS update will probably take its sweet time due to Apple review delays.

      • The update is available now. Seems to have fixed the issue.

        • Updated this morning. Thanks for the heads up.

          Great work, PowerPal devs.

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