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[QLD, NSW, SA, VIC] Daily April Deals $3-$5: Every Monday to Wednesday in April via MyCarl's App @ Carl's Jr


The deals keep coming at Carl's Jr!

Download the My Carl's App to take advantage of these specials for April!

Monday 26/4: Cheeseburger and 3 Star Nuggets for $3
Tuesday 27/4: Western Bacon Cheeseburger for $4
Wednesday 28/4: 6 Star Nuggets and Shake for $5

Monday 19/4: Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Milk Shake $3
Tuesday 20/4: 2x Sundaes for $4
Wednesday 21/4: Original Angus Burger for $5

Monday 12/4: 10 Star Nuggets for $3
Tuesday 13/4: Famous Star with Cheese for $4
Wednesday 14/4: Triple California Classic Burger for $5

Monday 5/4: Single California Classic Burger for $3
Tuesday 6/4: 2x Sundae for $4
Wednesday 7/4: Big Carl Burger for $5

Terms and Conditions: See MyCarls App.

More specials on the 'My Carl's' app:

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mycarls/id1494882749

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.AppInstitu...

More info at: https://carlsjr.com.au


Carl's Jr is not a burger clone, timeline: 1940 McDonald's, 1941 Carl’s Jr. then way later, 1953 Burger King (our HJ’s).
Carl's Jr burgers are 'chargrilled', unlike HJ's 'flamegrilled'.
The burgers are BETTER at Carl's. Try the Angus burger range and taste for yourself.
I do NOT work or am associated in anyway to Carl's Jr. other than being a SUPER fan.

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  • -1 vote

    Carl's is trash


    How have i never even heard of this place before?

    • +1 vote

      Possibly because there’s very few stores in existence in Australia at this stage.


    Reviews aren't great for the few locations here in NSW. I'll give it a go but hopes aren't high.


    Average burgers at best. Patties are thin and dry, basic Chipotle sauce on their Angus. Not worth it for $17 a meal

    If your near the wetherill Park Carl's just keep driving to cali burgers or holy heffa.

  • +1 vote

    What I don't understand is why you
    a) religiously post every Carl's Jr deal
    b) use lots of marketing terms in your description
    c) even stick up for them regardless

    American Carl's Jr is great.
    Here it's just relying on brand hype while delivering none of the same value nor taste.

    No btw, I don't work at HJs before you use that defense
    Even to this extent, quite ridiculous

    • -2 votes

      A) You missed the memo, Oz Bargain is all about posting deals. I’m a fan. I’ve said it countless times, so what are you then insinuating?
      B) Thank you, but it’s just because I have an extensive vocabulary, so what are you then insinuating?
      C) I’ve just had awesome experiences with them. But, that’s my opinion. An opinion based on great experiences.. that I have had.
      P.S. Love your user name, it rings a bell..

      • -1 vote

        Just because you've said it multiple times doesn't mean it's true.
        You don't need marketing terms being a fan. There are other ways you can show your "extended" vocabulary (it's actually not, it's basic)

        The deals keep coming at Carl's Jr!
        Download the My Carl's App to take advantage of these specials for April!

        Recycling the top 500 used words is not an "extended vocabulary" lol.

        As for c) have you realised yet that other people can have valid opinions that aren't your own? Because you seemed to want to discredit or bury every negative experience someone else had.


          So you don’t trust me. Boo hoo. That’s your problem. Unlike others, you missed the memo… people come on Oz Bargain for deals, not to antagonise and question people’s motives. If I worked or was affiliated in any way I would tick the box for: ‘I am Associated with the Store or Product‘. If Oz Bargain had a problem I would be banned, you may recall I was reported before about this and those efforts failed. I don’t need to justify myself to you, silly me trying to do so. Oz Bargain is all about letting people know about deals. And I will continue to let people know, no matter what anyone thinks. If Oz Bargain has a problem, they’ll let me know. I’ll no longer respond to you. Thank you and all the best. :-)