Rate My Vehicle Purchase - Honda CRV Perth

Hi all been looking for a family vehicle and considering the car below:

2014 Honda CRV VTI-L 4WD MY15 Automatic
87,000KM with full logbook service history
Few minor cosmetic flaws but other then that car is in good condition
Perth location (We live in perth)

Asking price is $19,000 and based off my research seems to be fair.

Just looking for second opinions on what this car is worth, if there's anything to look out for in this year/model. Partner will mainly be using it for city driving, short trips here and there and the occasional road trip.

Didn't really want to buy a car in this COVID market but with a little baby on the way in a few months I'm looking at finally saying goodbye to my 2 door coupe.

Any advice appreciated! - Poll included

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  • 7
    Buy the car
  • 52
    Pass, look for something else


  • Do a ppsr search.

  • For a vti-l it's a decent price in this market.

    How much are on roads in WA?

    Private sale?

    Asking price is $19,000

    But how much do you intend to offer? Or

    Rate My Vehicle Purchase

    Have you already purchased?

    • One min asking to rate the purchase, then asking if he should buy

      Its the winner of most confusing post of the month award…

    • On-roads would be around $550,

      Private sale, from what I've heard it's a sellers market and the list price seems ok I would pay the asking price essentially maybe offer 18-18.5? That's why I'm here to see if I can get any potential second opinions regarding the price.

      Title should be Rate my potential vehicle purchase, I do see how the title was confusing.

  • I wouldn’t pay that much.
    But I wouldn’t buy a CRV.

  • That not too bad of a price considering it the Vti-L model. Which come with a proximity key, adaptive cruise control, heated leather seats, sunroof and inbulit navigation. It's a better car than say a craptiva or a x-trail.

    That era of the CR-V isn't nothing special. However, CR-V are one of the most reliable mid size SUV in it class and Honda are basically bulletproof.

  • +2 votes

    Price and KM's seem ok for Perth.

  • Looks like according to the poll OzBargainers aren't a fan. I'll have a think over it, thanks all.

    • hi OP, I recently bought a 2nd hand car as well and understand the boat you are in. What site are you using for purchase btw? IMO Facebook marketplace seems to have the most value and I can currently see a 2013 CRV 69k odo for $17k in Perth. Probably negotiable to $16k+

    • Who cares if someone else doesn't like it? Does it suit you and do you like it? Nothing wrong with a Honda, it's not the most exciting thing in the world, but does that matter to you?

    • Poll is completely anonymous, doesn't take into account the current market in Perth and in a covid environment.

      If it looks good for the price then go for it

      • @brendanm not after excitement and have good experiences with Honda in the past.

        @spackbace agreed that the poll is probably skewed and doesn't take into account those things you mentioned.

  • Two years ago, I bought a 2010 CRV with290k kms (highway kilometres), well maintained for $6600 with RWC in a private sale from the Carsales website. I did decide to replace the transfer case and clutch for $2k about a year later (not urgent repairs but I like driving my cars in top condition.)

    I've been very happy with the purchase. The engine doesn't even burn oil. It feels like a much newer car.

    Well-maintained CRVs are reliable SUVs, a good used car pick if you're looking for a versatile family car that is good on slippery roads.

  • All cars sound great on paper!

    Take the car for a test drive
    Make sure it drives well and no strange noises
    If in doubt get a professional inspection done.

  • I have CRV for 9 years, very good, very spacious SUV. Most definitely suit young family with baby and all those luggages. It’s also a very hardy vehicle.

  • Has or do the airbag(s) need replacing?

  • Thanks for the responses all, I have decided to atleast view the car and make a decision then. The car does tick most of the boxes for what we are looking for given our circumstances.

    Not sure if relevant but it is one of the few cars I've seen that has been listed for less then it's redbook private sale valuation.
    Most cars I've seen in the past few weeks have been listed above the valuation by atleast 10-20% which I believe reflects the car market in Perth currently.