This was posted 8 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LED UVC Sanitiser $15 + Delivery @ Raden


Easter Sales We are relocating hence selling these below cost price.
** Limited stock available, not many left

  • Can be used to sanitise the following items:
  1. Nail clipper or other tools
  2. Phones
  3. Keys
  4. Tooth brush
  5. Earrings
    6… alot more

Our high-efficiency two-in-one sanitizer and wireless charger, UV Led Sanitizer destroy over 99.9% of germs in just Three Minutes. Proprietary design with six Mercury-Free UV lamps inside without any Toxic Fumes. We care about you as well as your health, knowing your beloved Phone is safe from germs. Trust the only Toxic Free Product in the market.

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    Was $134 and now is $15… Something seems odd about that.

    Also for anyone looking postage is $11.

    • A basic wireless charger is $10 so $15 is pretty good

  • Will it sanitise anything that fits, or are there restrictions (like metals and microwaves)

  • UV can sterilise, but these cheap devices don’t work. Don’t waste your money.

    • Confused…….so if I buy it for the original price of $149 it will work, but if I pay $15 it won't?

      • +1

        Higher end UV devices use UV at effective intensities and will give you the correct process (eg takes 30 seconds, won’t work with X …).

        The cheapies are far weaker, have a different design, have crap processes, and will give you the idea that just zapping something quickly makes it sterile.

        If you’re actually trying to disinfect, find a reputable company and read medically-informed reviews about it.

        If you want cheap stuff that doesn’t work but sounds great, this item ticks that box.

      • If you’re saying it’s worth the actual $150 and that wasn’t a made up price, everyone here would love to see those reviews

      • I think as soon as it says it uses UV LEDs then you can assume it probably doesnt have UVC LEDs. They are quite expensive. More likely it has the purple UVA LEDs i.e. blacklight which I think do sanitise but would take 8hrs of light to have any effect. My Samsung UVC wireless charger has a pair of conventional UVC bulbs/tubes and goes on for 10mins emitting a pale white light. It's the real deal. It was free with my phone and I probably wouldn't have forked out $65 for it. It does have a wireless fast charger though.

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    looks like the LED are on the inner lid side only. UV disinfection only works when a surface is directly irradiated with UV light, meaning that the back of the phone inside this box will not be treated (if UV even works on this product). do not waste money on this gimmick. Samsung UVC wireless charger seems better designed as the light can reach almost all around the object.

  • like a tanning bed for my phone

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