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[eBook] 24 Free Gaming Related PDF Books & Magazines from Retro Fusion Books


24 free PDFs of various Fusion retro publications available for Easter. ZX Spectrum, Amiga and Commodore titles.

I am aware that some have been free before but additional titles have been added.

Loads of enjoyment for oldies like me!

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  • Some good books there, I have a few of those as physical versions.

  • Thanks to share it. Some of them remind me some good old memories.

  • thank you, I have some of these from other times they have been given away but nice to re:download them all.

  • This site releases some amazing things. I've followed a few of their kickstarters, plan to sign up to the patreon for the monthly magazines once money becomes less of a problem.

  • The history of Ocean Software
    The story of the Commodore Amiga in Pixels
    The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels
    The Story of the Oliver Twins
    The Little Book of ZX Spectrum Games
    FUSION 64
    FUSION Annual 2020
    FUSION Annual 2021
    The Collected Adventures of Jetman
    Retro Fusion Issue 0
    Retro Fusion Issue 1
    Retro Fusion Issue 2
    FUSION - Resident Evil
    FUSION - Dizzy
    CRASH - 30-page Sampler issue
    ZZap! 64 Micro Action Issue 1 - 28-page Sampler
    Crash 2018 PDF

  • Out of curiosity, what's the point of reading these? There's the nostalgia factor but surely there's more value in having the consoles than reading about them esp as the consoles we're talking are long gone. 🤔

    • It's not just about the games, there's background information about the development of various games, history of the game companies, interviews with various developers (some of whom were teenagers at the time). Some people (myself included) find this fascinating.

  • Spectrum 🌈 user back in the day so I love Fusion's books.

  • PDF not downloading?

    Continue payment? , Its free??

  • Still works (just downloaded 2 of the PDFs)