Which unbias Aus news Reddit?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a sub Reddit forum that has unbias Australian news discussion. I've joined a few but it's plainly obvious they are left leaning e.g. the auspolitics one is very Labor leaning. I know everyone has an opinion but the blatant lefty bias is painful.


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    I know everyone has an opinion but the blatant lefty bias is painful.

    Perhaps just watch Sky or read Murdoch's papers.

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      Get legit news from OzB forum posts, from “real” people and events.

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    If you want unbiased news create a time machine and go back 50 years before the 1970s.

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    I know everyone has an opinion

    Yup, so you'd know everyone has some form of political leaning, so this would come out in discussions…?

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    Yeah I'd come to Ozb to find this too

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    So you just want your own echo chamber? Might as well join Twitter, you'll fit right in complaining about the left with all the weirdos..

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    Reddit is definitely a left world. Probably why I like it tbh!

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      Unless it's r/gonewild.

      • We… don't talk about that.

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    OP. What is your definition of an unbiased forum?

    One where every view - regardless of how marginal it may be in the real-world - has equal airtime?
    Or one in which each view is supported in equal proportion to that in the real world?

    I sense that you may have stumbled upon one that closer to the latter than the former….

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    I know just how you feel OP. I have a X friend that felt the same as you, he also had some other views that I'm unsure where you stand on - he believed in racial IQ hierarchies, the male is the superior sex in each every way, segregation should be brought back in to stop the interspecies breeding that only results in half inferior offspring, and many many more perfectly normal and healthy views….. In short he gets his news from 4chan and 8chan……

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      I think the delicious irony with 4chan is it was where people used to go to troll and pretend to be retards for fun.

      But then actual idiots joined thinking it was their place, and now that's the status quo.

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    You know OP that you can balance things out by consuming both left and right-leaning news sources.

    For example, I like to browse through The Guardian, SMH, Aunty and similar publications while using old copies of the Daily Telegraph for wiping my dogs' dirty bumholes.

    Doing so made no difference to the quality of that paper in particular whatsoever.

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      Downvoters are old copies of the Daily Telegraph.

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    If you think you could find anything remotely unbias in a place like reddit, you my friend..have a bias

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    Bias is a noun.

    • Biased definition. GG

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    • I love ASX_bets. It's hilarious.

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    /r/australia is full of cringe and a whole lot of sooks that are always in a hissy fit about something.

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      /r/straya is where it's at!

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        Whoever downvoted me is a really big sook and would benefit from /r/Straya and their true Australian attitude.

        • No worries I fixed it

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      Apart from the whinging etc, I always found /r/australia to be a 'look at how remote my area is' photo competition.

      It's like all the regional people who live in the middle of nowhere discovered that subreddit and post there to remind us that they still exist.

      Strange place.

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        Everytime I go there all I ever see is government bashing and friendlyjordies worshipping. I must be visiting at the wrong time and missing out on the pics.

  • If you want confirmation bias news that makes you happy to read, you may need to go back to Fartbook…

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    Sorry man this is Australia the facts dont matter only hysteria and socialist junk (Literally idiots protesting almost EVERYDAY in Victoria) or on the other side of the coin fear of everything (i mean have you heard 5g can kill YOU!)

    The more OUTRAGED you are the more air time you get, forget facts, forget the truth! Hell forget common sense!!

    The left wingers and Right wingers are both f**ked in this country good luck finding unbiased media

    From Sky to ABC - the level of journalism quality is about as reliable as facebooks cybersecurity

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      Yes, I also only get my news from the billion dollar companies and thus decide NO ONE is unbiased.

      It's not like there are a freaking plethora of independent journalists and publications out there doing incredible work; they only exist if they are shoved down my throat!!1!

      • What make them 'independent' from what i've seen our education system both high school and university are incredibility biased….Thus you think they are independent but instead they are a symptom of a wider issue

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          Independent Journalism is journalism that is free of influence by government or corporate interests. Not a difficult concept to grasp, surely?

          Just FYI, do not bother calling me a "lefty" or anything like that. Reducing politics to left v right is mundane and ridiculous.

          BTW, the ABC is an LNP apologist. They are not "left".

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            @ThithLord: Fair enough not calling you anything - my original post was just a simple point out at how the media has become so polarising in western countries and the issues i have found with getting the truth from Australian media

            Not left or right just the simple facts

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              @Trying2SaveABuck: Aw hell yeah mate - if you really want to dig into why mainstream media is like this, watch Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent.

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              @Trying2SaveABuck: Also, try the Australian Independent Media Network, or Michael West. Fantastic teams there.

  • I found this chart that seems not bad :P I saw another spectrum chart a while ago but I can't find it anymore.

    https://i.imgur.com/INOCxxA.jpg (probably came from https://www.reddit.com/r/australia/comments/8vgokb/australia...)

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    TIL that exposing the blatant corruption of the LNP is lefty

    • But the ALP are never ever corrupt. Seriously that's the attitude of these subreddits. It's all one way.

      • If you want to compare ALP's 'corruption' to the LNPs flagrant corruption, please - do.

        I would love to see what you come up with - you do it for Labor, I'll do it for the LNP - and you can tell me who is the problem party?

        Since the LNP gained power in 2013, Australia has accumulated more debt (even before COVID) than we have ever had SINCE FEDERATION. We have accumulated more debt since they came to power than all governments before them, combined.

        What do we have to show for it?

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          My point has been proven.

          • @Clear: lol let me guess, you spent a frivolous few minutes Googling, trying to pinpoint ALP corruption and realised you wouldn't locate anything substantive, so you decided on a smug point proven without any point being made kafka-trap stance? Gotcha.

            Try not to be so transparent next time, yo

      • Reddit is hardcore left wing. So much so that I've had people argue with me that the ALP is right wing. And they're serious.

        • Doesn't surprise me one bit. The moment they get personal they've already lost. Infact if you say anything bad about the ALP they'll immediately go on the attack and assume you're LNP, despite not mentioning what you're views are. It's quite hilarious.

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    OP. You want something unbiased. Not unbias.

    And Reddit is the wrong place if you want to avoid bias. It's extremely left wing. Blindly left wing. But if you want heaps of upvotes, just start a post and use the world: F-ing Liberal Cuunnts. Guaranteed thousand upvotes, no matter what else you say.

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      If you want the links from the below, go here

      The below, in no particular order, is a summary or the corruption scandals that have plagued just this current Government. Make sure no one forgets.


      Bo 'Nick' Zhao, a Chinese born Australian goes to ASIO telling them he's been offered a $1million from the Chinese Government to run as a Liberal Party candidate and then infiltrate the Australian Parliament as a Chinese Spy.

      He then turns up dead in a Melbourne hotel room in March.

      Enter Gladys Liu, the Liberal Candidate with a host of concerning connections to the Chinese Government who earns Liberal pre-selection thanks to miraculously raising a million dollars in donations.

      Fairfax then discovered a photo of Liu at her home with Nick Zhao in the back ground.

      Gladys is now the Liberal Member for Chisolm.



      Liberal Candidates Gladys Liu and Josh Frydenberg both have Mandarin signs at polling booths in the colours of the Australian Electoral Commission branding telling Chinese citizens how to vote (by putting 1 next to the Liberal Candidate). There is no Liberal Party branding on the sign

      Liberal officials admit in court that the signs were designed to convey the appearance of official electoral commission material.



      Angus Taylor writes a public letter, published in the Daily Telegraph, to Sydney Mayor Clover Moore criticising her for her millions of dollars of domestic travel. The document he quotes is a forgery.

      Taylor refuses to disclose where he got the fake document from and refuses all Freedom of Information requests from the media that might give an insight.



      Fake 'How To Vote' cards were handed out in Peter Dutton's seat of Dickson designed to trick Greens Voters in voting for Dutton.



      George Christensen charges tax payers for domestic flights and ComCar trips that were part of his trips to known red light districts of the Philippines. When he is caught he simply pays back $2,100 with no consequences.



      Barnaby runs up a bill of $675,000 in 9 months in his role as Special Drought Envoy. When asked what he did in the role, Joyce explained that he sent his "report" in the form of multiple text messages to Morrison. When The Guardian submitted a Freedom Of Information request for these texts it was rejected on the grounds that Morrison was too busy to retrieve them.




      The Coalition granted $444million to a little known organisation called the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. The process involved no public tender, no transparency, and the organisation was later found to have business partnerships with BHP and Rio Tinto.



      The Coalition awarded a $423million contract to run Manus Island detention facilities to a tiny and almost unknown company called Paladin as part of a "limited tender" process only meant to be used under special circumstances. The company's head office was a small shack on Kangaroo Island and family members of the PNG Parliament were found to be directly profiting from the contract.



      Helloworld travel agency paid for Finance Minister Mathias Cormann's family holiday to Singapore within two weeks of the Coalition awarding Helloworld a Government contract worth over $1billion.

      Cormann claims he didn't notice his holiday had been free.



      On two seperate occasions, Peter Dutton personally intervened to have European au pairs allowed into the country after being initially refused by Border Force.

      The first was on behalf of an old Police colleague, the second on behalf of the AFL Chief Executive and son of a Liberal Party donor.



      Barnaby Joyce's mistress, Vikki Campion was forced to leave her role as his staffer when rumours of their affair started causing tension with colleagues. As a result she was given a plum $190,000 a year job with good friend Senator Matt Canavan despite Parliamentary rules prohibiting jobs for 'partners'.

      There were a number of allegations suggesting she never attended work whilst in this role.



      The Coalition granted $30million to Foxtel, ostensibly to assist with "sports coverage" (whilst simultaneously slashing ABC funding). There was no public release of any conditions or oversight regarding the funding. News Corp, the largest newspaper owner in Australia and the owners of Foxtel, vigorously and unapologetically proceeds to support the Coalition whilst attacking Labor in the next election.



      The Coalition granted $200,000 to Foxtel station Sky News to fund a new show featuring future Liberal Candidate Warren Mundine. The funding was taken from money budgeted for "Indigenous Advancement".

      Inquiries later found that the funding had been officially approved before Mundine had even formally applied for it.



      Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert charged tax payers $2,000 a month for home internet, blaming "connectivity issues". He was later forced to repay $38,000 in inappropriately claimed expenses but was not further investigated.



      The Coalition award a Chinese company a 99 year lease on Darwin Port. A year later, Andrew Robb, the Trade Minister at the time of the deal, leaves the Government to assume an $880,000 a year job as a "Consultant" with the same Chinese company.



      Barnaby Joyce approved a dodgy $80million water buy back from a property owned by a Cayman Island's based company that Energy Minister Angus Taylor used to be the Director of and his college mate now ran.

      When Twitter users began to discuss it his lawyers sent letters to them threatening legal action for defamation if they didn't delete the tweets.



      A property owned by Energy Minister Angus Taylor's brother was alleged to have illegally burned 30 hectares of native grassland classified as endangered under existing environment laws.

      After Angus Taylor personally intervened and met with then Environment Minsiter Josh Frydenberg about the investigation into his brother, the Government suddenly announced a review into the part of Commonwealth environment laws that specifically deals with endangered native grasses.



      Over $100million in grants to sporting clubs were handed out according to a colour coded spreadsheet showing if the clubs were in marginal or potentially winnable electorates.

      The Government overruled the recommendations of the Sports Commission 300 times, instead giving photo ops to LNP candidates just before the election.

      The PM denied any involvement despite extensive email evidence showing his office was calling the shots.



      In 2016, the Government set up an automated debt recovery mechanism to recover welfare overpayments.

      However the calculations used by the system were deeply flawed and demanded repayments from thousands who hadn't been overpaid a cent.

      To make matters worse, the new process reversed the onus of proof on the recipient to prove they hadn't been overpaid.

      Over 2000 Australians died after receiving Robodebt notices. A large (although unknown) number have been attributed to self harm.

      In 2020, the Government finally admitted the system was flawed and paid back or forgave $1.2billion in debts.



      Morrison hand picks a Gas Company Chairman to run a "Covid Commission" to plan Australia's post-Covid economy.

      He was paid $500k for 6 months work. He eventually recommends tax payers underwrite a "gas led" recovery. The shares for the company he works for rises 8%.



      When Foxtel missed out a $100million pandemic rescue package, News Corp execs wrote directly to Coalition Ministers to complain and immediately received $17.5 in tax payer grants.

      When the ABC requested copies of the communication under FOI, the Government refused stating that it would damage the relationship between the Sports Minister and the PM.



      As the Government was deciding whether or not to bail out Virgin Airlines, MP Dave Sharma purchased shares in Virgin's biggest competitor, Qantas.

      Months later, just before Morrison announced an agreement with CSL to make millions of doses of a Covid vaccine, Sharma just happened to have bought CSL shares.


      Mathias Cormann quits the Coalition with aspirations to become the OECD Secretary General.

      Tax payers fund his $4,300 per hour Private Jet to fly him to and around Europe as well as 8 full time Government employees to assist him.



      For the 2nd year in a row, Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg, and Peter Dutton fly by private jet from Canberra to Sydney (and back) purely to attend Lachlan Murdoch's Christmas Party.

      Tax payers fund the trip.



      Between August 2018 and May 2019, Defence Minister Christopher Pyne awarded over $98million in multiple contracts to defence contractor Elbit Systems.

      In December 2020, the moment Pyne's 18 month lobbying exclusion had passed for former Ministers, Pyne's lobbying firm was hired by Elbit Systems for an unknown fee.


      Thanks to Carrick Ryan for this

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        You forgot the part about 5G and COVID.

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          Jesus Christ - you can look past all that corruption, huh? I pity your ability to be wilfully ignorant.

          Carry on.

          • @ThithLord: 250 flybuy points on caramel mudcake at Coles.

          • @ThithLord: Isn't ignoring the corruption in the ALP just as wilfully ignorant? Aside from The Greens, pretty much every politician is in for it for themselves.

            Have a look at the jobs the likes of Bracks, Gillards and Co all slid into after they left politics. If a 7 figure job for the boys isn't evidence enough of post-Labor back-scratching, I don't think there's any hope of an honest conversation with you. (Pretending the nutty list doesn't exist at this point).

            • @Burnertoasty: As far as I can tell (happy to have examples against this pointed out), instances of corruption on the ALPs part has been dealt with through the proper channels.

              Labor removes MPs or even wilfully submits themselves to present at ICAC hearings (see Jodi McKay, NSW Opposition Leader who referred herself to ICAC):

              Ms McKay reported Mr Tinkler's alleged bribe offer to police, ICAC, the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Funding Authority.

              Royal Commissions into those Union Thugs have been thick and fast and found 0 corruption.

              Which corruption are you talking about, exactly? And why is it relevant when the LNP are Federally in power for the last 8 years, and have dropped Australia into the highest amount of debt since our Federation? We're tipped to reach $1T of debt by next year. We've been in a technical recession since 2018 (though the LNP will handball that onto COVID)

              Can you really disregard that very unfinished list I just provided by saying "But whatabout the ALP!"?

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                @ThithLord: OK, just ignore what I said. Let's pretend that Gillard and Bracks aren't making 7 figure incomes from companies that they signed contracts with while in power.

                And we haven't been in recession since 2018, that's a blatant lie. We dipped into a recession during Covid (2 quarters of negative growth), but pulled right back out of it.

                You're throwing strawmen now, national debt has nothing to do with corruption, which was your original argument. You're now just attacking anything that you deem to be the fault of the LNP, because your mindset is the blame anything you see as a problem on the LNP. Leave it on reddit, it's not welcome here.

                • @Burnertoasty: I love how I provided you with like 15 examples of LNP corruption and the best you can come up with is do your own research on these two people who took jobs outside of Government, this completely nullifies the gross incompetence and corruption of the government currently in power, somehow.

                  I truly feel sorry for you.

                  We'll leave it here because it's like talking to a brick wall - you're an embarrassment.

                  • -4

                    @ThithLord: No, you provided me with a bunch of shit you found on facebook, you're a keyboard warrior like every other uneducated stay at home mum, who thinks that their antivaxxer stance is justified because they're read a few poorly written facebook posts.

                    We feel sorry for you. You call me an embarrassment while embarrassing yourself wiht insane ranting and thinking you know anything about the world.

                    • @Burnertoasty: I say this without a hint of irony: OK, Boomer