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[PC] F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition $29.98 (70% off) @ Steam


A little old now but pretty cheap for what is still technically the current version

Also standard edition is $25.48 but the Deluxe Schumacher Edition for an extra $4.50 includes the Schumacher Edition DLC and the Seventy Edition DLC which are $19.95 and $7.50 respectively if purchased separately.

PS4 version also on sale for $29.98 for standard and $34.48 for Deluxe Schumacher Edition

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    Cheaper to buy the Humble Choice for April. Only about $20 and your get an extra 2 games.


      Technically not Schumacher Edition but yes cheaper, so you subscribe for one month, get the key, add to Steam and then unsubscribe?

      And you can just resubscribe whenever there's a good month or they have a game you want?

      Seems a bit of a hassle for a few $s. I know, hand in my OzBargain card…


        Yes, and yes.

        Also, unless you are on some promotional plan, instead of cancelling you can also just "pause" your subscription for the month which means you pay nothing and get nothing that month. This has the advantage of them sometimes offering you a discount to not pause but you also run the risk of forgetting to pause a month as the pause status is removed at the start each month.

        You could also buy a one year subscription at a discount (effectively giving you 12 1-month tokens with the pausing feature) but it could take you a while to actually want to use all of them up.


    Also on sale for ps4/5 here:

    Quite upset they never added the Trueforce integration to the g923 that was promised - I'm sure I'm one of at least 5 people that wanted it.


    Think I'll wait for F1 2021……….and then buy F1 2020


      Daresay this price reflects F1 21 not being far away


    No good deals on racing wheels?


    Really with the seemingly pointless title edits? I presume it's for consistency, except they never are consistent.

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    Base version only $12 at Humble Bundle for new customers, plus comes with 11 other games. (I think that's ~$15 AU).

    Paying double just to get the game on its own and a little DLC doesn't seem like a good deal sorry.