Any Cheapish Annual Plans That Include 5G?

Currently on a 12 month recharge from Catch which doesn't include 5g.
Do any of the other 12 month prepaid deals include 5g?


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    Any cheapish annual plans include 5g?


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  • Depends on what you call cheapish OP.

  • I would say up to 30/month is cheapish.
    Given that 4g unlimited can be had for under 20/month

  • A quick Google suggests that Optus' cheapest plan will set you back $39 per month with 10GB data.

  • I could tell you Luo18740 but then I'd have to kill you :)

  • Seems people cannot use google anymore…

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  • $30 Prepaid Plus Recharge with Vodaphone - 15GB data and 5G Access is your best bet however, I think you should be aware of three things:

    1. pretty sure only Telstra and Vodaphone offer 5G on pre-paid services.

    2. None of these are twelve month plans, only 30 days or so.

    3. Data speeds vary wildly depending on your location. For example, I had Telstra 4G, switched to Optus 5G for all of a month (to facilitate OzB JB Port deal) and the 5G speed provided by Optus was four times slower than Telstra's 4G speed based on My ping was also twice as high when I played computer games and such, I was prepared to stay with Optus as it was so much cheaper ($65 for 500GB vs the $199 unlimited 4G plan I was on at the time) but the speed and connectivity issues I had over the month put me off real fast.

    So the TL;DR is you might not notice a speed increase going from 4G to 5G if you change providers, or you might even go backwards like I did.

    • Thanks. I'll check out the prepaid plans.

      I guess it's all about location (same as 3g and 4g). In my area telstra is best by a long way, then optus, then Vodafone last.

      • I travel a lot for work, especially to remote areas like the Pilbara in WA or FNQ like Horn Island, i really don't have much choice to be on anything but Telstra. But I was still very surprised that Optus 5G was so much slower than Telstra 4G though as that was tested at my primary residence in Toowong, Brisbane.

        • yes, Optus is slow enough on 4G. it's all about the backhaul capacity and Optus amd Voda often aren't up to scratch.