Date and Time Issue on Mobile Phone on Optus Network

My partner uses Galaxy S20+ on Optus network and we realised that the time on her phone is 30 min earlier than the one shown on mine on telstra network. After trying th figure out the issue, i realised that optus is pushing time for ACT (GMT +9:30) instead of QLD(GMT +10) despite that we are in QLD. Does anyone have the same issue? Ive temporarily fixed the issue by disabling automatic date and time and setting the timezone manually. Is there any permanent solution on this?


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    I believe you're now using the permanent solution.


    Jet tell her to set all of her appointments 30 minutes earlier in the phone calendar, so it all lines up.

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    Report the mistake to Optus so they can fix it?


    Ask Optus.


    Since when is the ACT on GMT +9:30? AFAIK only SA and NT are in that zone.


      Not sure what timezone ACT actually is. Its just showing ACT and GMT +9:30.
      I was wondering if anyone has the same issue, but it appears not.


        The only way I could make sense of that is perhaps if you were in the very far west of Qld but were connected to a tower in NT or SA, but I guess that's not the case.