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Microsoft Xbox Series S 512GB Console + $1 Item for $450 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Big W eBay


updated new code

Add $1 item & xbox to cart to activate $50 off $500

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    That pen looks pretty nice.

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    the one thing i hate about big w is they use shippit which ends up almost always FASTWAY…

    Fastway is always !$!#@% slow. In fact when your item is late it is best to flag it so they will deliver it faster.

    • +2

      My XSX was sent via Aus Post. YMMV.

    • +1

      Yeah right, I got my bigw PS5 delivered in three days from Sydney to regional NSW.

    • +5

      The Big W courier dropped my PS5 over my gate onto the paving.

      • 😵😂🙏🏼

      • +4

        They probably learnt how to deliver packages from Ace Ventura.

      • So what are they supposed to do, you put a gate there, not them lol

        • well generally I'd expect them to open the gate, but failing that a "missed delivery" card would be my preference

    • Shipit just tracks packages from any courier, BigW choose which courier they use & generally it depends on the size of the item & where it's going. Most of my BigW orders are Aust Post & I don't even use shipit to track cause it's useless.

    • That's because they are probably trying to send the cheapest.

      Shippit lets you pick the courier but doesn't dictate which one to use.

  • nice! the series s is already discounting

    • +3

      And soon discontinuing

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        They wouldn't. The premium that Microsoft get from the store more than makes up for the console price difference.

        • +5

          Yeah cutting off second hand games is a big win for them

          • @Merlict: Not only that, being able to force them into an ecosystem and plaster their users with their very own news cycle is huge.

            Bought a new company? Well, they're gonna shove in your face that fallout 4 is on game pass, and there's a "celebration" discount. Already played it on ps4? Play it again! It now has fps boost.

            Like a game on game pass and want to play the dlc? Well, you're not gonna go to steam and buy it now, you already spent 20 hours on it.

            Plus, I bet the deals where they package poorly sold games with good games is going to make some good money. You can't easily do watch dogs 2 + vahalla for 85 bucks in physical stores.

      • that’s what im hoping for as well. s needs better processing and more storage for same price

        • -1

          They already have that. They call it the series x.

          • @Chchnu: 749 vs 499 :-p

            • @kaleidoscope: Well if you want more you need to pay for it. If you want it now pay with money. If you want it at 499, pay with time (probably 7 years when new gen comes out they X will be 499).

      • +3

        Why would they discontinue a console which has strong sales in developing countries? March 2021 for instance, the XSS sold more than the XSX in India.

        • +4

          Its not hard to beat a product that people are unable to purchase due to lack of stock.

    • +4

      I think this is an eBay discount, the Xbox is still technically full price, no discount

      What will happen first is a free bundled game or two at some point, will be a while before an actual discount

  • Would it stack with this, allowing a $400 console? Or is that only for the non-free trial.

    • +1

      Ebay normally only lets you use one coupon code at once.

      You could stack it with discounted gift cards though

      (That and you still have to pay $49 for ebay plus lol)

    • +1

      You need to pay feeBay $49 for that voucher.
      Also, that voucher is different to a normal / paid $50 eBay voucher and generally doesn't stack (limited time and restricted to feeBay Plus items).

      • +4

        not restricted to plus items at all, just can't be stacked with codes, if you're stuck buying anything easiest way is to just use it at coles on sales items

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    Think shopback will run a big eBay flash sales promo soon, it said “our biggest eBay flash sale ever” , to celebrate their 3 years, they might run some big uncap cash back on eBay. Will see how it goes

    • +1

      cashback normally exclude discount vourchers and promotional codes,

    • why not. It's an excellent console for people who don't need max frames and don't play power demanding games (basically indie games). It's also perfect for kids who don't need 4K 120FPS and their parents don't want to pay $750

      • You monster. Gonna have to report you to docs for child abuse.


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    cool, I'll add a 2nd Xbox Series S

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    I have one of these and gamepass which is an absolutely phenomenal bargain freindly combo. If you really want one you can get them literally new for $399 from cash converters or of marketplace reasonably frequently. They are nowhere near as popupar as Series X or PS5 which means they are quite easy to get.

    I got one from marketplace a few months ago for $399 new and still sealed with the plastic on!! so have a look there first.

    • +1

      I top-up my GP Ultimate with 7-day passes from Eneba, works out to about $6 per month, it's just a little time consuming putting in a code for each week.

      • +1

        Oh really. Thanks I'll check that out.

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    I would rather save my money and get the X.

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    You’re looking at a console with similar performance to a GTX 1660 Super. That alone will cost you $400 in the current insane climate.

    $50 extra gets you the Zen 2 processor and PCIe 4.0 SSD. Pretty good deal in my books even if the slightly more expensive Series X is a lot more powerful.

    • +1

      Also you can get Game Pass Ultimate for about $6 per month from Eneba.

      1080p/60 isn't dated like 720p was.

      • Eneba? Link please ?

        • https://www.eneba.com/xbox-xbox-game-pass-7-days-xbox-one-xb…

          Everytime you add one, the subscription goes back to active renewal. The 14-day is a trial code which won't work, only this 7-day can be added to time etc. I think it came in Pringles containers in US.

          • @Jimbuscus: Why can't you just turn off active renewal, and apply the codes once the 14 days is over?

            • @kypermaster: You use all the 7-day codes and then turn off auto-renewal after you have entered all codes.

              • @Jimbuscus: Oh okay, so you stack up the 7day codes, does this work with game pass ultimate 7 day codes?

              • @Jimbuscus: So 14 days game pass ultimate codes won't stack on top with each other?

    • Nah xbox series S is way more powerful that a gtx 1660 super, let alone the fact that series s can do ray tracing and 120fps in some games, which requires an insane graphics card on PC

      • +1

        It's consistent. If it's an series s optimised game, it can output some cool stuff, almost like a rtx 2060.

        But many Devs have been complaining about that, so often, you only get 1080p60. There's a few games that don't even do 60fps, they do 1440p30 for some reason.

        Then there's backwards compatible games, which runs the one s versions, which are like, 1030 level bad at times.

        • Almost like RTX 2060? Seriously? You do know that Series S' GPU is 4 teraflops whereas RTX 2060 is 7.2 teraflops. It's one thing to claim RNDA2 beats RTX's performance in terms of per teraflop by a significant margin (that is a very brave statement already), it is just flat out lying to yourself to claim it is close to 2X better.

          Let's look at a first party Series S enhanced game shall we? Forza Horizon 4, on Series S, Microsoft doesn't have the guts to enable 4K/30fps mode (like in XBox One X).

          • +2

            @netsurfer: Keep in mind, I'm talking about the maximum possible output. Optimisation can do wondrous things. Look at watch dogs 2 on the series s, or Witcher 3 on the switch. Heck, look at ps4 Pro constantly trying to punch 4k30. If a Dev wants to push for it, they can squeeze performance way beyond the specs they are quoted for.

            In real world, we'll probably only see 1080p60 majority of the time, if not even lower.

            • -1

              @Wonderfool: There is only so much you can do with 'optimisation'. If optimisation is so amazing, why introduce Series X and PS5? Just keep going with 4K dynamic resolution and checkerboarding. Optimisation is just a sugarcoated term of turning off features and lower the quality on effects or resolution used in dynamic resolution. Honestly, if you really want to do full on optimisation, wouldn't a PC give you way more options? This Series S can be optimised better than PC makes no sense. If you cannot be bothered tweaking PC settings and you just want and hope the game makers do a decent job on Series S, then you could go the cost effective way. However, please be realistic. You actually can do so much more with a PC and often don't have to wait for developers to release a patch to optimise it so you get a good experience.

              For example, way back, when Forza Horizon 4 is released, I was able to easily get 2K/60fps on my PC with a subpar GPU. I actually prefer that over XBox One X's 4K/30 (or 1080p/60). On PC, I was able to also get 4K/30 and 1080p/60 (so more options on PC).

              Series S was originally marketed as a 2K gaming console. Now, we know realistically, it is at best 1080p (often needing dynamic resolution, meaning it cannot do 1080p constant).

              • @netsurfer: Perhaps you're right, it simply is just turning off stuff. But you tell me you can get Witcher 3 run at 720p without turning down the internal resolution with a 1030 and I'll believe you that you know better than me. I was stuck with a 940mx for a year, I know how difficult it is to get the witcher 3 to run on lower end hardware, forget 720p with what essentially is a 830. No amount of consumer side file editing is going to get you there. Dev side optimisation can do way more than just edit files and turning down options. Just check the gta:SA ports, from ps2, to pc, to android, they're all different, uses different lighting, models and even textures, whichever one suits the devices better.

                We can agree with one thing. The series s is going to be a 1080p or lower machine as a norm.

                • @Wonderfool: You cannot go Series S runs like 2060 then goes but 1030 cannot beat Series S. Frankly, I don't know why you pick those 2 cards to compare to Series S. They are different classes of CPUs compared to Series S. If you intend to do that, then explain Series S runs like 2060 bit.

                  Even in backward compatibility mode and running One/S code path, the much better CPU and better GPU can still provide some benefit.

                  Dev side optimisation - please, let's be realistic here. Most devs want to do most of those optimisation for Series X. The extra work they need to do for Series S is annoying (so you see quite a few new games simply provide minimal modes for Series S). Also, in case you are not aware of it, there is a reason why a lot games nowadays use common development frameworks such as Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine etc… because those support multiple platforms.

                  What Microsoft should have done was make the Series S capable of running One X code path. Even a 6Tflops RDNA2 GPU is still not at Series X level (12). Frankly, a digital only Series X to compete with PS5 digital only would be very interesting.

                  • @netsurfer: I'm talking about consumers can not optimise the same way as devs does even if we try. I'm just using the switch as an example, of how it managed to output graphics fidelity that a 1030 couldn't do. So it's possible that the series S could punch above 6 teraflop when optimised.

                    I'm agreeing to never expect the maximum optimisation for series s, or heck, not even to the level that matches a rx580.

                    Also, supposedly the series S can't use its rdna2 tech in backwards compatibility mode. That's why Microsoft is doing the roundabout way of using in-house built fps and resolution Boost.

      • While Series S is good value for money, its GPU is NOT way more powerful than GTX 1660 Super. Series S backward compatibility uses One S code path (which means its GPU is still not quite up to One X in terms of raw power). As for ray tracing support on One S: while the GPU is capable of doing that, it's way too weak to use it on something substantial (RT reflecting that's 720p checkerboarding resolution is nothing to rave about).

        In the long run, you are looking at Series S running 1080p dynamic resolution. For the games Series S are capable of running 120fps, GTX 1660 Super can do so too. Series S does have a powerful CPU so games like PUBG don't run into the issue like One X.

    • +1

      But I agree, the Series is a insane value, although if u convert it from USD it should be $450 AUD

      • +3

        you might be forgetting sales tax in the US, each state has their own and it is usuallly around 8-10%. Their advertised prices don't include sales tax, which is the opposite of what we do here (GST is always included in the price)…. Or just add GST here.

        Costco US has a deal for the S with a bonus controller for $340 USD, so hopefully we get that deal here at some point.

        • +4

          No he's not forgetting Sales tax. The simple fact is that the Series S rrp 60% of the price of the Series X in the USA, whereas it is 66% of the X's rrp in Australia. Adding sales tax doesn't change those percentages.

          • +1

            @Gamer Dad Reviews: You're right, I didn't realise msrp is $300USD

            $50 living in Australia tax, probably worth it though

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    “PlayStation Saver”

  • Are these just not selling? 1500 clicks and only 4 sold? https://offer.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidsLogin&ite…

  • Almost there!
    I have both a Series X and a Series S. The Series S is great but doesn't represent good value at $500.
    I think the price point for these needs to be $400 to compete with the Switch.
    I managed to get mine (one month old with receipt) on Gumtree with an extra controller for $380.
    It makes a GREAT Game Pass machine.

  • Slightly cheaper now for eBay Plus members using "PLUSFL10" for $449.10 Delivered.

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