Help Troubleshooting A129 Plus Dash Camera

Hi everyone,

I recently bought the A129 Plus Dual dash camera.

Everything was working well but the cable for the rear camera got loose (holding clip came off) and my co-pilot got the bagpack stucked to the cable and pulled it out by accident.

When trying to reconnect I've realized that the Front Camera's "rear usb" got damaged, as well as the "rear camera cable connector". The cable's usb part has part of the camera's usb. Both won't work. Pics attached.

I can get a new rear camera cable; however, I wont be able to connect it to its original usb port.

Do you think that if I connect a new rear camera cable and connect it to another usb port it will work?

It has 2 other usb ports (front camera power and PC port) and either of them work for the front camera but not sure if I connect the rear camera to a different port.

Please give any suggestions to have both cameras working again.



  • I think rear camera only works on the one port. From memory, the front camera works on two ports because one is on the GPS mount and one is on the camera itself. So I think you're out of luck :(

    Edit: actually, mine is the normal Duo so it might not be applicable to yours (as the Plus has a chip within the rear camera, while the Duo doesn't).

  • If everything else fails plan 'B' may be to purchase another dash cam for the rear of your vehicle and run a circuit for it back to a power source.

  • It wouldn't have to be another Viofo A129 cam that you buy, although they are one of the best on the market IMO, if it's run as a separate cam it could be another brand. (it is a plan 'B' after all).

    Before dual cameras were mainstream I ran 2 completely separate cameras, one for the front, and one for the back, of my car.

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    The connector inside the front camera was ripped out from the circuit board.

    If the trace of the circuit board is still intact, with the right person and right tools, the connnecter can be resolder back to the circuit board.

    This article describe the repair process for another circuit board, but the method is similar

    • ^ this , there is no "metal connector" in that first picture it was ripped out completely.

      2 options

      1. buy a cheap rear cam and hook it up to a rearward 12v auxillary (if your car has one) and attach it to the rear window

      2. get a new duo dash cam and just keep this camera spare for when you need it , buy something like THIS and make it portable for use in another car or rental car etc.

    • I couldn't find the connector in the car, it must have fallen off the car when the person got out. I thought if found it could be repairable.

  • I would just buy another set and use this one as backup camera.

  • Are you good with soldering? You should be able to replace the USB port. If you are not confident, post it on the Facebook market place or air tasker. For a person with the right tools, changing a USB port is an easy job.

    • I haven't done it in 20 years, hehe. But it's a very good idea to find someone who can repair it on the cheap. Thanks!