Anyone Own a Doogee Phone?

I think my Mi Max 3 is dying so I'm looking for options.

The doogee s88 plus looks really good.


  • Sounds dodgy..

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    I'm waiting for the Howser 1.0.

  • GSM arena review 3.1 stars ⭐⭐⭐✰✰

    It's rugged and it's cheap.
    The screen is and the chipset is adequate.
    Battery life is phenomenal.
    Android 10 is clutter-free.


    Doogee is a small, less known brand so prospects for support or updates are unclear.
    Camera performance is poor across the board.
    Speaker loudness and sound quality are lackluster.
    Reverse charging is only wireless, you can't use a cable.
    The screen notch is unnecessary.

    Looks fine, I guess? I've bought quite a few small-brand China-droids but pretty much all of them pretty much suffer the same type of problems — the camera is crappy (even though they advertise it having Sony IMX or Samsung ISOCELL sensors, the post processing and colour calibration is shoddy, probably due to lack of driver optimisation).

    Other small things like the quality of the haptics — crappy vibration motors that are really weak and make your phone sound like a cat dying than actual vibration that notifies you of a phone call, speakers that aren't loud enough or distort at max volume, or poor call quality on the other end due to lack of noise cancellation implementation in the audio drivers etc. These are problems that don't seem obvious because the reviewers don't talk too much about these but they become noticeable when you step-down from a good quality phone (like a Xiaomi) down to something unbranded.

    • That's what I'm toying with. I love the xiaomi, but i guess the hardware is failing slowly. Really I want as close to 7" screen as possible for around $350. It's a bit of a gamble going with a small brand make I guess.

      • The new Samsung A series seems pretty good for about $500, and at least you have warranty etc etc

    • step-down from a good quality phone (like a Xiaomi) down to something unbranded

      That makes the Doogee sound really terrible. From my experience Xiaomi phones are a major step down from a Motorola. Moto phones tend to be reasonably priced if you can get Officeworks to do a price beat on the cheapest deal around. Plus, you get all the advantages of buying locally, in case the phone craps out.

      Having said that, if the rugged features are important, then your field of contenders shrinks significantly and the Doogee may be a sensible compromise. As scrimshaw points out, cameras tend to suffer in a lot of phones. My guess would be that if you need a rugged phone (say a tradie using it on site), you probably want a good camera too (so that when you take a picture of something you can see the detail), in which case importing an unknown quantity phone is probably not worth the hassle or savings.

  • What's dying on your Mi Max 3?

  • I have a Umidigi A7 Pro. It's in the same range as the Doogee models and is well built for $150, you can't go wrong - I use it to stream Spotify and for 2FA. That said, I also have a P30 from the Telstra deal a while ago and the difference in running apps is mountains away. You get what you pay for and for longevity, I recommend getting a mid-tier phone.

  • Out of all the brands and you want this phone nobody here knows it exists

  • Looks like a decepticon…

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    Anyone Own a Doogee Phone?


  • Try "Doogee Bros", ?

  • I had an s55 'rugged' phone, build was good but software failed very quickly, pretty shite phone tbh, on a Huawei Mate 20 Pro now and is streets ahead

    • Thanks. That's what I eventually ended up assuming. Either software, hardware or mic/speaker would/could be shit so got a poco x3 pro.

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