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Gillette Fusion 5 Proshield 8 Pack $31.15 (S&S $28.04) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Usually about $47 elsewhere. Now would be the time to stock up on blades for the year!

Purchased 2 packs, arrived yesterday, Australian stock!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • It was $27.60 twice in March, I think I'll hold out for it to dip again.

  • Possible to use on fusion progride "power" shaver?

  • Made in Germany?

  • Gillette can still suck my ass for telling me how I should be.

    • Bandwagoner? Gillette did nothing of the sort. They did however call out casual and mindless sexist behaviour. Presumably you support such behaviour and would welcome it if the women in your life (???) were subject to same?

  • Will buying this product make me "the best a man can be"?

  • Nope, according to Gillette I'm a toxic male, I'd hate to tarnish their brand by buying their products

    • They'd have better luck with an apology edition shaver.

    • You're a casual sexist? Thanks for the heads-up.

    • I see you and your "toxic" bro grasstown have chosen to infect other razor deals with your perverse view of what Gillette's video was about @addison666. Did you not understand it or do you actually relate to the behaviour it was targeting? My guess is that most of the precious Ozbargainers who suggest Gillette was calling them "toxic" either haven't bothered to watch it, don't understand what it was targeting, or actually think such behaviour is acceptable. A combination of 1 and 3 is my guess. The message wasn't complicated or difficult to understand - certainly not as easy as perpetuating the "toxic male" bs.

    • I just looked at your posting history addison666. 5 of your last 8 comments had the same misinformed commentary on separate razor deals. I'm interested to know how you arrived at your opinion - seriously.

      You mention that you have a "moral" aversion to Gillette as a result of their ad. Pray tell what moral is that? Seems you've been "influenced" by comments from [rw] white males who have totally misrepresented what the Gillette ad was about. Have a look at it, decide for yourself and let us know what you found so offensive and how they labelled you or other white males (like me for example) "toxic". I'm eager to know what's behind your ill-founded obsession but I don't expect a response because there appears no substance whatsoever to the claims. As the old saying goes 'an empty vessel makes the most noise'.

      • You wouldn't say the their ad campaign was a success though would you? It formed part of Gillette losing $8 billion USD in value, as well of market share to competitors like Dollar Shave Club (starter kit for $15 with shave butter and 4 blades) who apparently had an instant sales spike when the ad came out.

        • No it wasn't bb, it bombed out and affected sales badly, which is beside the point here. Didn't think it was a particularly good ad myself - Aussie agencies would have done better imo - but the claims (which have since been perpetuated regularly here) that all white males were targeted is puerile garbage.

          Gillette clearly underestimated the soft underbelly and overestimated the IQ/EQ of white rwns who were offended because they apparently felt targeted. There are only 3, maybe 4, reasons I can see why anyone would take offence. 1) They didn't actually watch the ad. 2) They didn't comprehend it. 3) They recognised themselves in the ad and instead of admitting they sometimes behave like that they instead took umbrage - the least likely option imo. 4) They suffer from or identify with the hugely exaggerated poor-white-male syndrome which is evident in particular extreme demographics.

          As none of the "targeted toxic" claimants on Ozbargain will explain their comments I'm inclined towards a combo of 1 and 4 being the obvious answer.

          • @Possumbly: Honestly it was kind of a strange ad. I dislike moral advertising for profit, and while this one seemed quite insincere it also was… example: if you watch F1 in the past you would have seen grid girls, and Gillette was big into sponsorship (Google "Gillette grid girls"). It also failed to be uplifting, as opposed to Nike and Kaepernick's campaign.

            The whole thing smelled of an insincere, bandwagon-jumping brand, and while they may have underestimated their target market reaction, they also overestimated their customer loyalty to a disposable razor and perhaps the moral standing they had to deliver the message.

  • The Proshield has now sold out.

  • Used to have to wait for sales, but since the toxic male era and many of us jumped ship, the sales are every other week.

  • Honestly, just spend your money on a double edged, like the Rockwell 6S (or 6C) or similar, and save money.